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WINNER in 2020 Hanes Sock Drive!

the project

So far, in the past few years, my 501c3 nonprofit, Catering for the Homeless, Inc. has provided about 35,000 meals for the homeless and poor with food that in the past went to waste. With web development and a phone app, we can expand this program nationally. Approximately 133 billion pounds of food goes to waste each year, while 1 in 5 Americans experience hunger on a regular basis. There is literally enough good food going to waste that no one needs to be going hungry. Catering for the Homeless, Inc. is the solution to ending hunger in America. 

the steps

Catering for the Homeless, Inc. has provided services for approximately 75,000 PEOPLE in NYC with 100+ partners in my network. My organization provides: 1.) SERVICES -- We have provided approximately 35,000 meals, 25,000 toiletries, 2,100 non-perishable food pantry items, and 300 bags of clothes to the homeless and poor. 2.) EDUCATION -- Through my book, OUR INVISIBLE NEIGHBORS: Accounts, Causes, and Solutions to the Epidemic of Homelessness, I provide education to the community, and sources to aid the homeless, 3.) ADVOCACY -- I speak on a weekly basis in Libraries, Senior Centers, Community Board Meetings, Democratic Club Meetings, Union Meetings, etc. as an advocate for the homeless, hungry, and abused. 4.) LEGISLATION -- Through the legislations I am developing with politicians, I am providing real solutions for homelessness, and its leading causes. 

A portion of all book proceeds goes toward helping the homeless, so please purchase a copy of OUR INVISIBLE NEIGHBORS here:

why we're doing it

I'm doing this because I want to do my part to end this needless suffering. Millions of individuals and families are on the brink of homelessness--having to decide between putting food on their tables--or paying their rent to keep a roof over their head(s). We can end, or greatly reduce hunger in this country, by rescuing the billions of pounds of untouched, prepared food that is going to waste every day of the year, in every town in America.


Disbursed Budget:

514.10 - To be used for administration costs for things like flyers, paper, ink,
clip boards, newsletters, and programs.

TOTAL RAISED = $530.00
ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $15.90

Original Budget:

1.) Web development and phone app to expand this program throughout the nation: approximately $3,000 - $5,000.

2.) Catering equipment for food pickups: at least $1,000 annually.

3.) Office Space: TBD at least $4,000-$12,000 annually.

4.) Web Maintenance: at least $250.00 a year.

5.) Office Expenses: at least $1,200 - $2,000 annually.

6.) Food pickups: $50 per pickup to pay workers to pick up food and bring them to churches and/or distribute the food to the homeless on the streets, parks, etc.. This is unlimited. There could be at least one pickup a day throughout NYC.

7.) Feeding the homeless on the subways, parks, and streets 30 homeless and poor people at time, costs for food + socks are about $100 per outing.

8.) Daily lunches for the homeless in the community: at least $100 a day. If office space is rented, one of the services offered would be a free lunch to the homeless or food insecure as well as job training, computer skills training, resume building, etc.


SUBTOTAL = 10,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $300
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,335



WINNER in 2020 Hanes Sock Drive!


CFTH is a WINNER!!! The 2020 Hanes Sock Drive is generously offering Catering for the Homeless Inc. a one-time donation of 1000 pairs of socks to distribute to the homeless and those struggling with homelessness and housing insecurity in NYC. Together we are making a difference, and helping those who are so often overlooked. The Sock Drive shipments will begin in the next few weeks. CFTH is thrilled and honored to be a recipient of this wonderful initiative, and has plans to distribute these socks to the homeless in shelters, on the streets, in parks and on subways throughout Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan.


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