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the project

We did it before...We want to do it one more time! 

This is a fundraiser and live performance event set up for the purpose of benefitting “side” musicians, those amazing people who make bands sound so crazy good, but who cannot survive doing solo shows.

On the heels of a successful event in August 2020 we created this EXCITING fundraiser for a second multicultural DRIVE-IN CONCERT with two AWESOME full BANDS featuring MOISES BORGES BRAZILIAN JAZZ and MO' MOJO (ZYDECO), with the audience in or at their cars so we keep social distancing and abide by the COVID-19 government recommendations. Two multinational full bands will play from a stage area for 75 minutes each. 

The goal of this project is to financially support the side musician -- like a drummer, bass player, or percussionist -- the ones that can not do a live show by themselves. Main act musicians might have an easier time getting by during the Covid-19 time by playing a solo show, although a sideman/woman will have a harder time surviving or playing alone. That's why we want to showcase full bands, so the sidemen (and one sidewoman) can work and get paid.

MOISES BORGES will present an up-tempo set of music with horns, percussion, drums, bass, guitar, and vocals with his Brazilian Jazz Ensemble, playing samba and other rhythms.

MO' MOJO is a hard-driving, high energy, “Pardi-Gras” Band. They blend Zydeco with Blues, Americana, Cajun, Reggae, Rock & Roll, Funk, & R&B. The female-fronted group features rich harmonies, button box, fiddle, electric guitar, rubboard, sax, harp, bass, and drums.

We want to bring Clevelanders together in a safe environment during this time of social distancing and quarantine, and we want to build financial support for Cleveland and NEOH musicians during the impacts of COVID-19. Cars will be parked every other spot to ensure distancing. Those giving at the higher levels will have first access to the shaded parking spaces under an open air solar panel structure. General attendance will be limited to 80 cars (out of 189 spots).

Right now DONATIONS ARE BEING DOUBLED through the ioby Neighbor Up Match Fund so give TODAY to support our Cleveland Music Concert and musicians, as we don't have much time to reach our goal.

Professional sound will be provided by Chuck Karnak.. There will be a 2.5’ high stage to help with band visibility.

Our RAIN DATE is Sunday, OCT. 4, same time and place.


the steps

We're collaborating with the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cleveland in Shaker Heights to host this event on their nice and wide rear parking lot, located at 21600 Shaker Blvd Shaker Hts 44122.

We are aiming to have this happen on Saturday, October 3rd from 4-7pm, with an option for a rain date on the day after, Sunday, October 4th.

To make this happen we will also be contacting the City Hall and the police to get permissions, rent two Porta-Johns and hand washing station, recruit collaborators and volunteers, pay the building custodial fees, hire a sound system company to run the sound, set up a professional stage, then after the event we will break everything down and clean up.

This is both a fundraiser and live event. Please consider donating even if you cannot attend. The $25 donation level comes with one vehicle admission. If, due to COVID-19 hardship, you cannot afford this donation level, please contact us. We would like everyone from the community to be able to attend who wants to, and no one will be turned away. We appreciate your support.

why we're doing it

We are doing this because we want to support the side musicians that are having a hard time getting a paid gig.

By supporting a full band ensemble we can get side musician a opportunity to play along, the ones that can not do a live solo show by themselves.

Main act musicians might have a easier time getting by during the Covid-19 time, although sidemen and sidewomen will have a harder time surviving or playing alone. That's why we want to hire full bands, so the side man can work and get paid.

By doing that we will bring Clevelanders together during this time of social distancing, and we want to build financial support to Cleveland musicians during the impacts of COVID-19.

Please help to support Cleveland and NEOH Musicians, and make a donation today. Remember, you do not have to attend to be a donor. Altho we hope you do!

DONATE NOW TO DOUBLE YOUR DONATION, or donate cash at the door.

P.S: Do drive in (walking up is discouraged since we want people to stay with their cars for distancing). No big trucks allowed. Bring your own masks, snacks and your little trash bags. Refusal to follow COVID-19 health mandates (masks and distancing) may result in your being asked to leave...

We will have every other parking space empty for safe distancing.




Total Raised $6,125.00

Moises Borges Band-$1,500.00

Mo' Mojo Band-$1,500.00




Venue fee-$400.00

power generator-$200.00

IOBY Processing Fee-$93.75  


TOTAL RAISED = $6,125.00 $6,125.00
ioby Platform Fee waived $35.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) waived $304.50
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $93.75 $92.70
TOTAL TO DISBURSE= $6,031.25 $5,692.80


Mo' Mojo Band                                           $1,500.00

Moises Borges Band                                  $1,500.00

Sound/stage                                               $1,400.00

Video/photography                                     $   300.00

Porta-Johns/hand washing station             $   800.00

Custodian                                                   $   400.00

Miscelanious                                              $   100.00

ioby Platform Fee     waived
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)    waived
"ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) (Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.) "    $99
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $6,099
Please note: ioby fees are estimated and will be calculated based on totals at the end of the campaign.    


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