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The pandemic has invited all of us into a space of deeper empathy and understanding of the harmful impacts of isolation and, by extension, prison. Join us and help launch the End of Isolation Tour (EIT) 2021. Grantee Sarah Shourd and her team—with support from the Art for Justice Fund, the Pulitzer Center, and individual donors—are creating a national, pop-up tour of The BOX, a play based on true stories of resistance to solitary confinement and written by Shourd, a survivor.

The tour will be organized in partnership with Unlock the Box and local campaigns across the country, with the goal of elevating, supporting, and maximizing their impact. Through theater, traveling visual art, and artistic ritual, EIT will create a space for collective healing. Each performance will be followed by a survivor-led healing circle focusing on imagining ways to address and repair harm in line with transformative justice. While we had hoped to hit the road right after our opening in Marin County California, COVID-19 has changed our plans. We are delaying the wider national tour until 2022, but can now expand that tour to visit more communities, with your help.

the steps

With gratitude to our lead sponsor, the Pulitzer Center (and so many other generous donors), we have certainty the tour will take place. This crucial final step of the funding will allow us to cover the remaining costs of the tour. Once funds are in hand we will:

  • Secure meals and lodging for the cast and crew
  • Produce a professional video documentary series of the tour and its impact
  • Compensate the cast & crew of 10 (nearly half of whom are formerly incarcerated individuals) adequately for the full duration of the tour
  • Paint our tour bus with a compelling wraparound mural with images that provide the antidote to prison and isolation

why we're doing it

The End of Isolation Tour is more than theater alone; our tour will also create a space for collective healing. It is a process of building, strengthening, and knitting together multiracial communities across the country—through theater, traveling visual art, and artistic ritual. After each performance we will hold conversations, in circle format, to process the play and support their transformative justice work. To quote Jon Comstock from Fayetville, Arkansas, EIT will “act like a booster-shot that will energize people doing the work, infuse the community with energy for action, and help us to the finish line.” 


Disbursed Budget: 

The $9,321.58 raised on ioby will be posted towards Spring Tour expenses; specifically we are targeting these funds toward our anticipated needs in the following areas:

  • $2,751.58 to finish the furnishing of our touring bus
  • $6,750.00 for meals and hotels during the tour

= $9,321.58

TOTAL RAISED = $9,609.88
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $288.30

Through all our fundraising efforts this year, we raised over $310K, maintained a budget of $240K, and are delighted to be ending 2021 with over $70K in the bank which will also go towards our Spring Tour. 



Original Budget:

The entire 5-city tour will require $305,000. To date we've raised just over $200,000. All of our actors' (half of whom are formerly incarcerated individuals) salaries and major show expenses are covered. What remains will help to cover lodging and travel expenses, fuel for our bus, and publicity and marketing in the communities we will visit (Detroit, St. Louis, Fayetteville AR, and New Orleans).

For more details on the tour visit:

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
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