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Thank You From Enclave!

the project

The Enclave Project for Contemporary Art needs your help launching its summer season, Summer at the Farm 2016! The mission of the Enclave project is to situate art at the heart of community and mobilize creative thinking and doing to revitalize struggling Detroit neighborhoods, and this summer we have been given a golden opportunity to do just that. We have been invited to create tailored programming for the North End and the burgeoning Oakland Avenue Urban Farm campus. With the  North End Christian CDC and O.N.E. Mile as our partners, the Enclave Project's summer at the Farm consists of two initiatives: the Wee Art School Series, an outdoor art discussion forum, and an exhibition which will present some of Detroit's top artists in a new context.

the steps

Once we have the funds to start our summer program we will begin by promoting the Wee Art School series both in the neighborhood and across the wider metro Detroit landscape. At the same time we will also work with out partners at O.N.E MILE to build the outdoor classroom to house the programs. Finally, we will begin to prepare a space for the exhibition on the urban farm site.  Enclave’s summer at the farm officially begins in June with the first Wee Art School lecture on June 11th.  The exhibition will take place in late August.

why we're doing it

Enclave seeks to provide opportunities for people of all ages to experience the arts in a meaningful way.   We believe that art is for everyone and everyone should have an equal opportunity to engage with artists, makers, and scholars.  We want to take art out of its white cube and make it accessible again.


Disbursed Budget:

Revised budget for The Enclave Project Summer at the Farm IOBY campaign

Stipends for Wee School lecturers – 200.00

Support to ONE MILE – 147.57

Total - 347.57

RAISED = $358.00
less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $10.43


Original Budget

SUBTOTAL = $6,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $180

Stipends for Wee School lecturers -400

Support to ONE MILE to support building costs -600

August exhibition costs -5,000




Thank You From Enclave!

This is a special thank you from the Enclave Team and our partners in the community for all that you, or donors and friends, have done to make Summer at the Farm 2016 a success.  Without your generosity The Wee Art School would not be possible and for that we truly thank you. We are so excited to be able to continue our mission and present arts programming to underserved and deserving people in Detroit's North End.  


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  • c. falker
  • Inez T Boyd
  • Anonymous
  • Brenda and Oliver
  • Vickie Elmer / Mint Artists Guild
  • Wanda T Terrell, MD