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the project

Our show is created to heal the soul and touch the heart of our audience members. The main character, Lydia, is a young woman torn between meeting people's wishes and being her own person. The play follows her faith-oriented journey towards a climactic breaking point in which she finally removes the mask she's been carrying her entire life. Lydia's journey reflects my life as a Pastor’s daughter and a survivor/thriver of a marriage impacted by Domestic Violence. This play represents my passion for giving women a VOICE.

The play's design is to illustrate through dialogue, music, dance and humor, the desperate need to be who we are. We are also providing the opportunity for local actors to be part of a high-level production that raises awareness about domestic violence, women’s empowerment, and communal healing.

This will be the encore performance of the play that occurred in June of 2022 that took place at The Civic Center, which was a big success in the Cleveland community having over 500 audience members in attendance.

the steps

1. Fundraise for theatre location.

2.  Secure the availability of previous cast member or cast for open slots.

3.  Acquire the technical needs and assistance.

why we're doing it

The project speaks to the need of people everywhere in our community and beyond to develop and use our voice to stabilize our mental health. Its influence focuses on the imbalance created when a person doesn't feel empowered or in control of their lives and the resulting devastating affects. As a Domestic Violence survivor myself, the language birthed within the play resonates with others and illustrate how to embrace their exciting next chapter.


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $590
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

Theater rental - $1500

Play Director - $800

Casting Director - $1200

Costume Designer $600

Lighting - $800

Set design - $400

Actors - $3000 (13 actors total)

Musician fees - $1200 (3 musicians total)

Playbill production cost - $1100

Makeup artist - $250



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