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the project

In "Empowering Hearts, Embracing Journeys," we seek to capture and share the profoundly personal and inspiring stories of cancer survivors in Cuyahoga County. This documentary project is more than just a film; it's a heartfelt journey into the lives of those who have faced cancer, highlighting their resilience, courage, and the vital role of emotional support and community solidarity.

With the funds raised, we aim to bring these powerful narratives to life through high-quality videography, capturing the essence of each story in a respectful and impactful manner. Our budget includes venue rentals for authentic filming, professional makeup services for our brave participants, and necessary transportation to ensure smooth logistics. Additionally, an essential part of our project is a robust marketing strategy, ensuring these stories reach as wide an audience as possible, fostering awareness, empathy, and support within the community.

Your contribution will not only support the production of this important documentary but also amplify the voices of those who have journeyed through cancer, celebrating their strength and inspiring others. Join us in creating a tapestry of hope and resilience, as we unveil the soul of survival in Cuyahoga County through "Empowering Hearts, Embracing Journeys."

the steps

1. Pre-Production Planning (Immediately upon funding - 2 weeks)

  • Finalize project timeline and detailed action plan.
  • Assemble project team including videographers, interview coordinators, and makeup artists.
  • Identify and confirm filming locations.

2. Participant Recruitment and Interviews (Weeks 3-4)

  • Reach out to cancer survivors, families, and healthcare providers for participation.
  • Conduct preliminary interviews to understand each participant's story.
  • Schedule filming sessions.

3. Venue Rental Arrangements (Weeks 5-6)

  • Finalize and book venues for 10 filming sessions.
  • Coordinate dates and times with participants and crew.

4. Production Phase (Weeks 7-12)

  • Begin filming sessions with participants at rented venues.
  • Conduct on-site makeup services for participants during key sessions.
  • Ensure transportation logistics are smoothly managed for each session.

5. Post-Production (Weeks 13-18)

  • Start editing and post-production work to assemble the documentary.
  • Review and refine the footage to best represent each story.
  • Create a cohesive narrative that ties all individual stories together.

6. Marketing and Promotion Strategy Development (Weeks 19-20)

  • Design and produce promotional materials.
  • Develop a social media advertising campaign.
  • Engage with local media for outreach and publicity.

7. Community Screening Organization (Weeks 21-22)

  • Finalize venue for community screening.
  • Plan event logistics including audio-visual setup, seating arrangements, and refreshments.
  • Invite participants, community members, and local dignitaries.

8. Documentary Premiere and Community Screening (Week 23)

  • Host the first public screening of "Empowering Hearts, Embracing Journeys."
  • Facilitate a post-screening discussion panel with participants and experts.

9. Ongoing Promotion and Distribution (Week 24 and Beyond)

  • Distribute the documentary to local schools, libraries, and online platforms.
  • Continue promoting the documentary through various channels for wider reach.

why we're doing it

  • "Empowering Hearts, Embracing Journeys" addresses a critical social challenge in our community: the emotional and psychological impact of cancer. In Cuyahoga County, like many places, cancer touches countless lives, yet the stories of resilience and emotional struggle often remain unheard. Our project aims to bridge this gap by giving voice to those affected, fostering a deeper understanding and connection within our community.

    Our team, driven by compassion and a deep sense of community, recognizes the power of storytelling in healing and empowerment. We believe that by sharing the intimate journeys of cancer survivors, we can illuminate the often-overlooked emotional and psychological aspects of the cancer experience. This documentary is not just about cancer; it's about the human spirit, strength, and the power of support and empathy.

    Furthermore, our project seeks to break down the barriers of isolation and stigma associated with cancer. By bringing these stories to the forefront, we aim to cultivate a more supportive, informed, and compassionate community. This project is a testament to our belief that every story matters and that in sharing our struggles, we find strength and solidarity.

    In essence, "Empowering Hearts, Embracing Journeys" is more than a documentary; it's a movement towards a more empathetic and supportive society, where the challenges of cancer are met with collective strength and understanding. Our passion lies in creating a platform for these powerful stories, driving change and nurturing hope in the hearts of our community.


Total Budget: $5000

  1. Videography - $2100

    • Includes camera operation, audio recording, and on-site filming services.
  2. Venue Rental for Filming - $1000

    • Rental costs for locations for 10 filming sessions.
  3. Makeup Services for Cancer Survivors - $900

    • Professional makeup services for participants during key filming sessions.
    • Local Media Outreach (Press Releases, Community Calendars):
  4. Marketing - $600

    • Design and Printing of Promotional Materials: 
    • Social Media Advertising: 
  5. Transportation Costs - $400

    • Transportation for participants to and from filming locations.


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