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the project

We plan to put this money raised into good use going back into our community. An event where people can express themselves truly and feel that they can do so in a safe environment. We hope to throw more sessions and events for the future to come and we are excited to do these things for Sacramento. We look forward to growing and expanding.

the steps

We will immediately take actions towards advertising and buying supplies. Booking flights and hotels. Making sure that all of the decorations and small items needed are paid for. Start making deposit payments where they are needed whether it be venue or staff deposits. And then of course we will distribute payment to our staff as well.

why we're doing it

We as a brand plan to continue our huge goal of bringing the dance community together and expanding our culture past Sacramento. However, we can not achieve this unless we grow strong and start here. With our community we plan to grow strong and build connections with one another. Sacramento has so much untapped potential and talent. We plan to bring the best out in people and allow people more outlets to express themselves how they need to. Emotions has been throwing sessions for over a year now every Wednesday and we hope to continue this and continue to build with our community here in Sacramento.


DJ- $1000





Security- $500



Miscellaneous/small items(advertising, decorations, chairs, etc.) -the rest of budget 


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