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the project

Building an Electric Vehicle From Scratch! We are a local, plant based, environmentally sustainable Ice cream company.  We currently deliver all our products within a 100 mile radius making us a perfect candidate for an electric vehicle.  We are looking to build this first vehicle for several reasons.  1) To reduce our carbon footprint. 2) Educate L&M Foreign Cars on electric vehicle building and repair. 3) Create an example for other companies how how sustainable responsible companies conduct themselves.

L&M Foreign Cars is an automotive repair shop in Brooklyn.  They are family owned and have been in the same location for over 40 years.  They have generously offered space to build the vehicle and will cover all labor costs.

A donor car will be made into an all electric vehicle at L&M Foreign Cars.  This local car company will donate all space and labor for this project.  I simply need the funds to purchase an electric motor and batteries!  In exchange this local repair shop will gain knowledge into the inner workings of electric vehicles, and Raw Ice Cream Company will have  a delivery system that is far more environmentally friendly.

the steps

To complete this Project.  I will need to purchase a DC electric motor, 40 lithium ion batteries and a rectifier.  A donor car has already been located and acquired, along with a facility to retrofit the vehicle and mechanics to install the electrical equipment.

why we're doing it

I am doing this to set an example to the other local business.  To show how incorporating sustainability into every aspect of your company benefits both the environment and the bottom line.  We currently use compostable packaging and are sourcing our ingredients from resources that are both renewable, sustainable and carbon capturing (instead of carbon emitting).  This is simply one more step in our march toward being as relentlessly green as possible.  Additionally, I believe this project is an important first step for this repair shop.   By supporting this project they will be gaining the knowledge for future conversions and repairs of electric cars which I believe to be the transportation of the future.

The truck will also be marked with Educational Stickers outlining the benefits of electric transportation as well as the the components used in making it go.  I.e Batteries, Inverter, Electric motor as well as the carbon footprint an electric vehicle produces vs. its gasoline counterpart.  




TransWarp electric motor $2,000

project total = $2,000
ioby fee = $160
total to raise = $2,160


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