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the project

Eight seasons ago, in 2016, we hosted our inaugural Battle of the Teal art showcase in the Masonic Temple in Cleveland, Ohio. Back then, twelve inner-city students took the stage to battle, and we crowned our first winner - Courtney Owens. She then went on to attend Ohio Wesleyan University. Since then, several other winners have pursued their higher education dreams. The voices of parents, educators and students helped develop and shape the Battle of the Teal journey from an annual showcase to a year-round art program. 

Today, iN Education’s team has been tasked to organize, plan, and host a stand-alone Battle of the Teal art showcase for students in Lorain County. We have received Superintendent approval to distribute and invite students from North Ridgeville City Schools, Amherst Schools, and Fireland Local Schools to date. We intend to reach out to other Public, Charter, Private and homeschool students within Lorain County. Our application start date is February 20, 2023, with an application deadline of May 1, 2023. 

Per Lorain County teacher/ educator request, we considered their voice in providing the Battle of the Teal opportunity locally and using the duplicate entry into its annual statewide showcase for their K 12 students. Our production team will filter out the applicants from the participating schools and select division and category winners based on the review from the adjudication panel members.  Applicants will be able to benefit from the opportunity to get recognition at the local level and take advantage of the complete offering of rewards, prizes, and experiences at the annual statewide showcase. 


the steps

  • (now - Feb 19, 2023) - Coordinate with North Ridgeville City School (NRCS) staff and other Lorain County teachers on the showcase details 
  • (Feb 20 - May 1, 2023) - assist with showcase applications
  • (May 5 - May 19, 2023) - select the local division and category winners based on adjudication panel members review 
  • (May 22, 2023) - showcase results & awards announcement
  • (May 27, 2023) - online gallery available for public viewing

why we're doing it

Through this project we wish to providing more opportunities and access to our Battle of the Teal art showcase platform. Having a second opportunity to win locally, at a county level, excites students and provides them with additional incentives to "Express. Engage. Connect." 



Final budget


Battle of the Teal art showcase - Lorain County - $1,000

Administration - $1,000

Adjudication panel member stipends - $225


Total $2,225.00

TOTAL RAISED = $2,225.00
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ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $36.75

Original budget

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
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  • Battle of the Teal art showcase - Lorain County - $1,000
  • Administration - $1,500
  • Adjudication panel members stipends - $500


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