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Update: 4/28/16

the project

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Almost there!    We won an extension until the end of May to raise the final $10,000.

Ambler Borough has wanted to preserve a wooded hillside along Rose Valley Creek as open space since 2006. Budget shortfalls prevented this until now.

A community-based plan to solicit personal and online contributions, send letters to businesses, and produce events arose in days after a shocking sight of trees being cut off an adjacent lot.

Focused asking has raised $65,000 in less than 4 months!

We ask people to donate whatever you can (“It takes a village to save a forest). Small discretionary amounts add up to something BIG!

Will you support our final efforts to “Keep the woods on Edgewood”?

the steps

All gifts are tax-deductible. Be sure to leave your contact information  (donations made through this ioby campaign will automatically receive a receipt by email).

When the full amount of $75,000 is raised, the Borough will become the deed holder, preserving it forever as passive open space.

The Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association will provide a restoration plan, and the long term maintenance plan.

Late in April, volunteers will plant new native trees on the parcel. An additional twenty-five trees will be planted all around Ambler on public and private properties.

why we're doing it

The aesthetic views and wildlife habitat are primary values.

Tree canopies shade the Rose Valley Creek enhancing habitat for aquatic life by retaining lower water temperatures.

Soil erosion is prevented both by interception of stormy rain by the leaves, and by having the roots hold the soil.  Natural infiltration of stormwater in these wooded top soils are significant secondary values.

The lot sits in the heart of the Borough of Ambler, an old industrial town. Ambler is densely developed with a population of about 6,400 within less than a square mile. Undeveloped land is extremely rare.

This attractive natural corridor should remain undeveloped, limiting flooding and providing areas for passive recreation.



RAISED = $3,293.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $94.89

REVISED BUDGET (as of 4/29/16)

All funds will go towards the purchase of the lot to keep the woods on Edgewood.


SUBTOTAL = 4,750
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $143




Update: 4/28/16

An inspired anonymous donor has brought us closer to the finish line with an extraordinary $6,000 gift!

Less than $2,000 is left to raise. WILL YOU celebrate with us with a small gift to boost us to the finish line?



Update for April 25th!


Last weekend, several teams of volunteer planted 27 trees throughout Ambler. The soon-to-be Edgewood Preserve got two trees - a Red Maple and an American Tilia. We look forward to implementing a full restoration plan that is being developed by the Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association, as soon as the final 10% of the purchase price is raised.









(Maddie Merritt and Laura Hillhouse plant tree at Edgewoods Preserve April 23) 



LESS THAN 10 % LEFT -- With other private gifts today, less than $7,500 is all that is left to raise the last 10% of the purchase price for the Edgewoods Preserve. We are so very appreciative of the time and funds many of you have already committed.

If you feel called to give a little more, consider giving 10% of what you already gave. It will boost us over the top well ahead of the end of May drop-deadline!








(Fundraising thermometer will soon show less than 10% of full purchase price to go.)


DINING for OPEN SPACE -- at Gypsy Blu Restaurant on Thursday, April 28: We have had a lot of fun generating funds while people do fun things they would already like to do. We hope you will choose this fun evening of dinner out. Reservations on-line: or by calling (215) 283-6080. 


April Updates!

First week in April – Alfred Rotelli, an officer of Ambler Savings Bank, gave a direct donation of $1,000.

April 2 --TEXAS HOLD’EM TOURNAMENT – hosted almost 40 poker skilled players which resulted in raising and additional $1,850 which was deposited directly to the Escrow account.

(Photo courtesy of the Gazette article)

April 6- TRAX CAFÉ benefitted from an extra 24 diners who came to support the Edgewoods Preserve fundraising, which turned into a direct donation of $200.


(Susan Curry, chef, and Steve Waxman pleased with turnout at Trax Café April 6th)

April 6 -- Ambler’s engineering contractor for waste water treatment donated $500 directly to the escrow account last Thursday.

April 11 -- John Ferro, Property Manager of Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association, reviewed the property and its links to Borough Park on Monday, as the first step to develop a restoration and maintenance plan for the lot when it is permanently preserved by the Borough.

We thank JUDITH H. for her generous, care-filled donation of $100

April 12 --SARA HERTZ donated $250 here in honor of some pretty spectacular women in Ambler who have been so helpful to Lee and Sara over the past few weeks as Lee went through and is recovering from rotator cuff surgery. They epitomize a caring community. In particular, we would like to thank Mary-Margaret Monser, Karen Polesir, Jean Parry, and Paula Schafer.

YES! YOU TOO can GIVE in honor of someone in your life – a legacy of Open Space in their name.

This Week: Karen Salvadore is visiting the homes of friends on her street to tell them about Edgewoods Preserve and invite their participation.

April  2016 -- ENTERPRISE ARTICLE "Edgewood Preserve Project Looking for Last $10k"



Success is so close! Less than $10,000 to go.

We celebrate two private donations of $1,000 and $500, then raising $1,850 at a Texas Hold’Em Tournament last night.

Thank you Amblerites and friends for contributing. You are the BEST!

NEXT: Raising the remainder of the money is where places like Trax and Gypsy Blu come in. 

Enjoy two fabulous dinners this month while helping to save open space in Ambler:

  • April 6th -- Trax Restaurant and Café -- reservations or 215-591-9777.
  • April 28th – Gypsy Blu, reservations on-line or by calling (215) 283-6080. 

Great food -- two different nights and restaurants --one great cause! 

Trax Restaurant and Café and Gypsy Blu are proud to support efforts to preserve a wooded hillside lot along Rose Valley Creek, known as the

Edgewood Preserve. Information about the Preserve will be available at the restaurants, and a portion of the evenings’ proceeds will be donated toward purchasing and restoring this environmentally sensitive area. 

Trax Restaurant and Café has been an Ambler institution for 18 years, specializing in authentic, seasonal cuisine. Dinner service for the April 6th evening will begin at 5 pm. Reservations are highly recommended and can be made at or by phone at 215-591-9777. Trax Restaurant and Café is located In the Old Ambler Train Station, 27 W. Butler Pike, Ambler, PA 19002 

Thursday, April 28th will be Edgewood Preserve evening at Gypsy Blu in Ambler. Hours for Thursday are 5:00 to 10 pm. Gypsy Blu is located at 34

East Butler Avenue, Ambler. Reservations can be made on-line or by calling (215) 283-6080. While they always keep seats for walk-ins, parties of 8 or more require reservations. Check out their website for their menu. 

We hope to see you at both or one of the special nights at these great food restaurants April 6th or 28th !

Donations may also be made directly via: 

HAPPY MESSAGE to every supporter of Edgewoods Preserve, BIG SMILING!

HAPPY MESSAGE  to every supporter of Edgewoods Preserve,   BIG SMILING!

You helped us raise the $8,000 additional that we needed by Feb 27.  An extension of three more months was granted to raise the remaining $15,000.  You can see we have the first $2,000 already!

Together with your kind, caring donations and volunteering, important milestones were reached along the way to preserving the remaining woodlands on Edgewood Drive.  Please recognize that YOUR  gift  of money/time got us to the first crucial  goal.

Over $60,000 in cash donations is now in the escrow account at Ambler Borough!   Yippee!  

·      Major gifts came from the Borough, Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association, and Ambler Savings Bank.

·      Champion donors include Joe Bresnan, Karen/Andrew Salvadore, Allison Wolf, Chris Boudin, Dan Ritter/Beauty Guard, J.P Mascaro & Sons, Caddick Construction, Gilmore & Assoc., 212 Wood Street LLC, myself, Fran Tomlinson, Susan/Erik Johnsson, Mary-Margaret Monser, Marl/Eileen Wenckus, Brian/Jennifer Gallagher, Frank DeRuosi, Brooke Marshall, Sara Hertz, Nancy/Thomas Deininger, and MANY others of you who listened to your hearts and gave quite generously.  


Upcoming events:  Save the dates!

               April 2    Texas Hold’Em Tournament ( )   Saturday, 5:30 pm to midnight

                April 2    How to Plant Bare Root Trees (free workshop 10:00 to 11:15 am)  Ambler Borough Hall  Flyer to be posted soon.

                April 16  Open Space & TREE Fest  (11:00 am to 2:30 pm) More information:  call 215-591-1551 or email    

SAVE APRIL 16 FOR THIS FAMILY public education street fair on Edgewood Drive. 

               April 23, 24 – Volunteer Planting 27 trees in Ambler (at Borough Hall, a park, Edgewood Preserve, and 17 homes throughout the weekend)  More information:  call 215-591-1551 or email   

                May (date tba)  -- FINALE  CELEBRATION  of purchase and preservation of Edgewoods Preserve

We are very proud and very fortunate to have you as partners.  If you care to add to your donation or to invite your circle of friends to help, you/they can do so easily with a credit card at the link to this site,  which is:


News from the TREEmendous Dance Party on Jan. 30

Over 200 neighbors enjoyed the food and dancing rhythms at The TREEmendous Dance Party on Jan. 30 held at Ambler Borough municipal building to benefit the Edgewoods Preserve fundraising efforts.

The TREEmendous Party accomplished much more than the net $5,083 that flowed through ticket sales, beer sales, gift basket raffles and a 50/50 raffle. The event raised awareness about how the condition of our natural environment is important to our quality of life, with special focus on the value of trees and open space to our overall well-being and the health of our Wissahickon Valley watershed. 

Eleven special performances on the stage by students of Addicted2Dance brought the evening energy level up to an excited dancing frenzy, after which the attending crowd of adults gave themselves over to dancing until the last dance at 10:45 pm. 

The organizers are extremely grateful for the many hours of volunteering contributed by Chris Raines, Karen Kieser, Pete Ritchie, Shaughan, Nate, Kate Monser, Skip and Scotti Kershner, Allison Wolf, Liz Kunzier, John and Norma Coupe and Brett, Matt Cooley, Anna Lee Lapinski, Nancy Deininger, Chris Mrozinski, Nick Bruni, Gail Daniels, the Beamers, the Adgies, Steve Maakestad, Rick Denzien, Debra Lee, Raija Suomela, Barbara Danin and Faygie Miller, and others.

Raffle items were donated by Addicted2Dance, Silpada Jewelry, Forest & Main, Ambler Skate/Apparel shop, Ambler Music, Parry Coffee Roasters, Pure Spa, Mermaid Studio, and Debra Lee School of Music. Wegman's, Parry Coffee, Saxby's, From the Boot, Fireside Grille, and especially Ambler Beverage Exchange made sure all guests were happily fed.

The final appreciation goes to the Ambler Borough for making the space available to us and going extra lengths to prepare the space for a public dance.

Save the Date for the next Edgewoods Preserve fundraising event on March 12 - a Texas Hold'Em! For more information contact 215-591-1551 or

Great photos from our dance!






A message from our team...

The Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association made a private pledge of $7,500 and agreed to consult on the restoration and maintenance plan for the woods.

A community TREEmendous Dance Party on Jan. 30 raised a net of $5,083 with over 200 people enjoying  food and beer, lively performances by students of Addicted2Dance, and raffles of gift baskets, coupons, clothing and jewelry, as well as a 50/50 raffle. 

Ambler Savings Bank gave $3,000; JP Mascaro & Sons pledged $1,000; Dave Caddick Sr of Caddick Construction pledged $450.

Eight residents and consultants to Ambler have each privately given $1,000 or more.

A community-wide tree planting and learning street fair is planned for April 16, with up to 20 trees that are 10’to 15’ tall available for purchase @ $30/tree  for planting as memorial trees at private homes. More information from

The Enterprise published 2 articles in their December 2015 and January 2016 issues on the project  (see attached)

A grant for $10,000 was submitted for PECO Green Region funding. Decisions will be announced in June.

The Ambler Gazette (Jan. 17, 2016) ran a front page top story on Edgewood Preserve efforts (see attached)

We need to raise and additional $8,000 by Feb. 26,  in order to be given an extension until May 30. Won’t you join in by giving a gift that will ensure a green legacy for the future.


Upper Dublin - Amber Enterprise Article

Jan. 14th article in the Ambler Gazette!

Published: Thursday, January 14, 2016
By Dutch Godshalk  @dutchgodshalk on Twitter
AMBLER >> About a year after borough council approved a controversial land subdivision of a property on the 300 block of Edgewood Drive, community members have joined forces with local government to preserve about 15,000 square feet of open space on that property.
The effort will take about $75,000, and though much progress has been made, time for raising the funds is slowly running out. 
The property — a deeply sloped, wooded lot that lies along Rose Valley Creek and is now being referred to as Edgewood Preserve — is one of four lots created following developer 212 Wood Street LLC’s successful application to subdivide the parcel in January 2015. Since then, the developer has agreed to sell one of the lots to the borough on the condition that it remain open space.
“I said from the start that if the borough was interested in any of the property, I’d be willing to work with them,” said Rob Ratoskey of 212 Wood Street LLC. Making good on that resolution, Ratoskey said he now has an agreement of sale with the borough for Edgewood Preserve, also known as Lot 13, for $75,000.  So far, the borough has committed $20,000 of that price tag, an amount Borough Manager Mary Aversa said will be pulled from the 2016 parks and recreation budget.  It’s up to community members to raise the rest of the money.
“To date, pledges of up to $47,000” have been tallied, including the borough’s $20,000, said Edgewood Drive resident Susan Curry, who is leading efforts to save the property and has herself donated $10,000 to the cause.
If $60,000 of the $75,000 is raised by the settlement date, Feb. 29, then Ratoskey has agreed to extend the settlement date to no later than May 31, giving the community more time to find the funds. To help raise the money, the Ambler Environmental Advisory Council will be hosting an “Ambler TREEmendous Party” Saturday, Jan. 30.
Should the fundraising efforts fall short of the full purchase price, the borough will refund each contributor’s donation, according to a resolution confirmed during the Dec. 15 council meeting. If and when it’s purchased, Edgewood Preserve “will stay as open space,” Aversa assured. “We looked at this not only as a project where we could preserve the trees and landscape, but also do some improvements along the bank, to help the water quality in the Wissahickon [Creek],” to which the Rose Valley Creek contributes.
Of the four Edgewood lots — numbered 12, 13, 14 and 15 — lot 12 has been purchased by Edgewood Drive resident Tim Alexy, who said while he hasn’t decided what exactly to do with the space, “any natural woods that can be saved, I’m all for it. That’s why we bought the house in the first place, the above-average view.”
Lots 14 and 15, Ratoskey said, will give rise to single-family homes. The trees on the those lots have already been felled; workers removing the trees “took things off of [lot 13] before we stopped them,” Curry said on a recent Friday morning, standing by the lots and gesturing toward four stumps lying on the Edgewood Preserve side of the chalk-line border. “Four good trees downed.”
In a letter endorsing the preservation efforts, Richard Collier, chairman of the Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association Board of Directors, notes, “One of the many challenges facing the Wissahickon Creek and the WVWA is protection of the riparian buffers which are invaluable in protecting water quality and supporting the aquatic habitat by erosion, control, shading, and often base flow that is important to sustained volume.”
Edgewood Preserve, Collier continues, “offers an opportunity to accomplish this along a stretch of the creek, which is wooded downstream in the nearby borough park, but is otherwise flanked by medium- to high- density residential development.” The TREEmendous party, an evening of buffet, beers and dancing, will be held at the new Ambler Borough Hall, 131 Rosemary Ave. Ticket prices are $25 and include buffet access and two drink tickets. The event will begin at 7 p.m. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit
“This is a prime opportunity to enlist the whole community,” Curry said. “Let’s have this be something where we spread community wide awareness about trees and open space.”
To donate online, visit the Edgewood Preserve ioby crowdfunding page.


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


  • Megan Koppel
  • Deborah E Ford
  • Bob & Mary Lou McFarland
  • Anonymous
  • Sara Hertz
  • Judith H.
  • Scott B.
  • Anonymous
  • Sue Leary and Rob Cardillo
  • Judy Giuliano
  • Jodi W.
  • Diane Palmer
  • Carly, Tim & Xander
  • Anonymous
  • Judith E.
  • Tim and Mica
  • Derik Badman
  • Judy Hughes
  • Anonymous
  • Douglas M.
  • E.Shields
  • Allison Wolf
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