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Almost there! Party time in 10 days!

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The EcoVillage Block Party is an annual event that has become known throughout Cleveland's EcoVillage neighborhood as a place for residents in the neighborhood to come together for an afternoon of food, fun, music, dancing, and games for all ages. Led by a group of volunteer neighbors, the goals of the event are to build and strengthen cohesive ties between local residents, and to celebrate the diversity and connectedness that this neighborhood is so proud of. This is a highly anticipated community event in the EcoVillage neighborhood, providing a safe and inclusive space for neighbors to meet and spend time with each other and to build lasting connections.

The past several years' events were outstanding successes, each bringing out over 100 attendees and we anticipate this year's event to be even bigger. This year’s event will include a neighborhood meet and greet; live music and dancing with local Latin band Wepa!; potluck and cookout; sports and Zorbs provided by Recess Cleveland; art activities for children and their families; and a raffle with great prizes provided by local neighborhood businesses.


the steps

1. Planning meetings have been taking place throughout the year and will continue to do so in the months leading up to the event for volunteers to meet, organize, and delegate tasks --- mid-March to early September

2. Design and print fliers for promotion --- August 1-15

3. Coordinate volunteers to pass out fliers and help promotional efforts around the neighborhood (door knocking, neighbor groups, local establishments, pop-up BBQs) --- August 15-September 7

4. Seek and confirm financial in-kind donations for food and other supplies --- July 15-September 7

5. Coordinate volunteers for on-site support (shopping, setting up, and cleaning up) --- August 15-31

6. Finalize plans, volunteers, donations, and promotional efforts --- September 1-7

7. Throw the best Block Party ever! --- September 8

8. Send thank you letters to all sponsors and contributors --- Mid-September

why we're doing it

The Ecovillage Block Party was completely conceived and initiated by neighborhood residents in 2015 and continues to be 100% community led and implemented. Various block club members had held smaller block parties and potlucks over the years, but this was a new a concerted effort involving nearly a dozen neighbors to plan, fund-raise, and implement the event. With the massive success of the first party (over 100 attendees, two tables packed with potluck dishes and donated food, three grills serving up burgers and wings, two hours of live music and dancing, and not one speck of trash or litter to be found the next morning) we decided to continue and turn it into an annual tradition.


Every year the EcoVillage Block Party injects new energy and goodwill into the neighborhood, resulting in an increase in neighborliness and connectedness. Many neighbors attend the party each year who have never attended "community" events before. Everyone at the party meets new people or gets better acquainted with folks they previously knew only in passing. Neighbors remark that they now exchange friendly waves with a number of their neighbors on an ongoing basis as a result of meeting them at the party. EcoVillage is home to a broad diversity of residents, spanning many languages, cultures, races, generations, economic classes, and education levels. The kinds of relationships that the Block Party facilitiates are increasing the sense of community on our streets, and bringing neighbors into new support networks that are often sorely needed. We continue to reach out to new neighbors in the hopes that a fun, family-friendly event will draw in those who aren't as interested or able to attend regular neighbors group meetings and more formal events.


This project builds community capacity by introducing neighbors to each other in a fun environment. It also strengthens existing relationships between neighbors as we 'break bread together' and pitch in collectively to make the event happen. The success of the party builds the reputation of the neighborhood as an area with residents working to benefit all, regardless of race or class or language. The project is a huge boost for neighborhood pride. When 100+ people show up and have a great time eating and dancing outdoors, it's a great feeling for all residents. It also creates a sense of pride and belonging for neighborhood kids. As we carry on the tradition year after year we are creating great memories for all the neighborhood kids who show up to play in the grass, splash in the sprinklers, eat ice cream, and experience true community.



Disbursed Budget 9.10.18

Raised = $1,990.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $56.94
Total to Disburse = $1,898.06

Food and food supplies: $460

Music (Local Latin Band and DJ): $700

Fun & Games and Kids Crafts: $400

Decor, Tents, other supplies: $160

Electricity and Water Use: $75

Promotion: $103.06

Subtotal = $1,898.06


Updated Budget 8.15.18

Food & Supplies: $350
Music (Local Latin Band): $650
Fun & Games and Kids Crafts: $320
Ice Cream Supplies: $42
Electricity and Water Use: $60
Subtotal = $1,422
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $43
Total to raise = $1,500


Original Budget

Food and Supplies: $250

Music (Local Latin Band): $600

Fun and Games: $200 

Electricity and Water Use: $50


Subtotal = 1,100
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $33
Total to raise = $1,168



Almost there! Party time in 10 days!

We're getting close to our goal everyone, thank you for helping us get there! If you know anyone else who would like to contribute a few $, please forward them the link to our Ioby page here. Every dollar is matched by the Cleveland Foundation, so we only need to raise another $70 to meet our goal!

There are SO MANY fun plans in the works for the Block Party. If you'd like to volunteer an hour or two before, during, or after the event, just email The more the merrier!

Please spread the word to neighbors about the party - make sure they know about the live music, free food, games and activities for kids, and awesome neighbors they'll meet.

Thanks again to you all and see you at the "Field of Dreams" (6000 Madison Ave.) next Saturday, Sept.8th 4-9pm!

~The EcoVillage Block Party Planning Crew 


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