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the project

We want to build green-team tool boxes to equip student eco-teams with the materials needed to complete the waste and consumption pathway. Tool boxes will contain tarps, gloves, tablets, etc. for student green teams to facilitate a school wide waste audit and design corresponding interventions to reduce our school's impact on land fills and increase the volume of recycling school wide.

the steps

December 21-January 2

Purchase materials and have students work in teams to create the toolboxes. 

January 3- February 29

Students will use the toolboxes to perform the consumption and waste audit and gather baseline data to determine the amount of trash that we can recycle and/or compost. Students will share the data collected with the school community.

March 1- April 29

Students will use toolboxes and develop interventions to increase the volume of recycled materials school wide. Students will instruct the school community how to effectively use these interventions to reduce our school's environmental impact.

May 2- June 23

Students will use the toolboxes to evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of the interventions implemented and communicate the data collected to the school community. Students will continually revise and improve the interventions as they gather data.

why we're doing it

There is a large amount of recyclable and compostable materials being thrown in the trash at our school. Adding these materials to our landfills leads to air and water pollution. We want to empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to collaborate, think creatively, and problem solve to take ownership of solving the environmental problems at Applegate School. Students will learn that they are the key players to protect their environment and improve the quality of their future.


Disbursed Budget:

tool box  $540.00
tablet  $2,150.00
clipboards  $20.00
pens/pencils/crayons  $50.00
tarps  $326.41
gloves  $396.89
para-educator $500.00
calculator  $120.00
scale  $20.00


RAISED = $4,282.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $123.70

Original Budget:


tool box $540.00
tablet $1,900.00
clipboards $20.00
pens/pencils/crayons $50.00
tarps $240.00
gloves $375.00
t-shirts $250.00
para-educator $500.00
calculator $120.00
TOTAL COST: $3,995.00

SUBTOTAL = $3,995
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $120



Read our newest article in News Transcript!

Read our newest article in News Transcript!



Our CRASPTO continue to astonish and amaze us with their spirt, support, and cooperation! I am rocking the shirt!  You are our family. Thank you for trusting us to faciliate change for the future with your donations. -The CRAS students & faculty



Our wonderful Applegate students donated over $400.00 to our campaign.  GIVE GREEN TO GO GREEN was a huge success.  We can't wait for you to get the "cool tools" you deserve to create a more sustainable school! Way to support your future as environmental leaders of tomorrow!

It's cool to be green on the National Wildlife Federation Blog!

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Globe Key Chain Project

Our "give green to go green" fundraiser was a huge success.  Students were excited to purchase key chains and the line was often down the hall in the morning.  We raised $442 on behalf of the students at Applegate School!  Not only did we raise the money, but our students are invested in the fundraising efforts and have started to take initiative to share with their families the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling.  Go Applegate!



Off and Running...

Thank you to all our donors! We wanted to fill you in on the progress we have made so far in our fundraising efforts. We have raised $500.00 so far from Applegate Families and county businesses that believe in our cause.  Our school efforts kicked off with our fifth grade Eco-Leaders faciliated by Mrs. Whille and Mr. Falgares.  Eco-Leaders created a Google presentation to share our campaign page with each class and ROCKED it, creating a lot of enthusiam for the project at Applegate School. Our students are really excited to purchase globe keychains to support the cause. We are planning on adding in the total student donation next week.  The Eco-Leaders are also in charge of selling the globe key chains to Applegate students and have done an awesome job promoting the initiative.  It was a great first couple days of our campaign launch!  Thank you for your support!


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  • ASPTO Eco Shirts
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