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the project

We believe East New York is NOT for sale and we envision a healthy and self-sustaining East New York where our people come before profit. Planning and development in East New York should be led “by us, for us,” the longtime black and brown residents. We are organizing and building power so that public land remains in community hands. 

Right now we are: 

EDUCATING community members about the community land trust model, 

GATHERING community input and CREATING a community plan, and

ORGANIZING residents to take control of local city-owned vacant lots 

This work will propel us towards our goal: get the city to transfer city-owned vacant lots to CLT ownership by 2022.

To learn more about the East New York Land Trust, check out our video and our website,

the steps

Financial support will allow us to:

  1. Enhance community education about the CLT model and advance our organizing efforts to build our CLT’s membership; 
  2. Conduct community vision sessions, resident and business owner surveys, and town halls to gather input about how stakeholders want to see the vacant lots transformed;
  3. Release a report for our community and local government detailing our plan for the vacant lots in East New York;
  4. Organize residents to advocate for the City to transfer vacant lots to ENY CLT and provide the funding to execute our community’s vision.

why we're doing it

Housing insecurity continues to be an obstacle for many low income communities of color throughout New York City. The Covid-19 pandemic only highlighted and exacerbated the issue when landlords filed evictions 3.6 times faster in ZIP codes with the highest COVID death rates, areas where around 68% of residents are people of color. And despite the New York eviction pause, over 222,000 eviction cases have been filed statewide as of April 2021.  

East New York and Brownsville were severely impacted by the 2007-2010 mortgage crisis and the 2016 East New York rezoning, which set off a wave of speculative purchasing of land and houses. In 2017, Community Districts 5 and 16 (which cover the East New York and Brownsville neighborhoods) had the 3rd and 4th highest new foreclosure rates in New York City out of 59 community districts. In East New York, 35% of 1-4 family homes sales went to investors in 2017. Moreover, East New York and Brownsville residents have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

ENY residents refuse to stand by as private financial actors look to take advantage of the real estate downcycle and residents’ increased economic vulnerability. It is our turn to take development into our own hands, transform our neighborhoods, and build communities centered on people and not profits! 

In March 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, East New York and Brownsville residents mobilized quickly to form a steering committee to bring their vision of housing security and community directed development to fruition by starting  a community land trust (CLT). A CLT is a community led non-profit organization created for the purpose of collective stewardship of land. We knew that the time was NOW to create a CLT because of the lessons learned from the last two economic crises.

If you want to learn more about the CLT model, check out this video


Funding will allow ENY CLT to fully engage community residents and other stakeholders in the community planning process. 

Approximately $15,000 will go towards:

  • Organizing & outreach expenses, including but not limited to website and membership database fees, graphic design software, and printing costs for accessible popular education materials, 
  • Live interpretation at virtual and in-person meetings
  • Additional staff hours and professional development for steering committee members

Approximately $15,000 will go towards:

  • The hire of a non-profit technical assistant to conduct a project feasibility study and pre-development site analysis for each of our target sites, develop a detailed financing plan and budget, support ENY CLT in applying for and secure public and private financing and an architecture team. 

Total of $30,000

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