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the project

Pleasant Village Community Garden(PVCG)is located on Pleasant Ave. In East Harlem.  This fall PVCG will be losing a portion of the garden, which is forcing us to reevaluate how to adjust to the remaining land.  One concern east Harlem faces from the effects of climate change is flooding.  When it rains, storm water collects with debris and pollutants and enters our sewer drains. During extremely high rainfall this water can overflow with  our sewage line and empty into our local water ways. This hosts a multitude of problems since this waste water is untreated and released into fragile ecosystems. .  Community gardens can become a great resource for absorbing rainwater into the ground. One method is to install a permeable walkway in the garden. Using the garden as a way to mitigate excess water can divert and relieve added stress to our infrastructure.  The benefits would preserve natural resources in a more sustainable way, benefiting the environment and the residents living in these communities. . A permeable walkway allows water to empty into a redirected area or can be designed to absorb slowly into planting areas that can benefit from the natural rain. Our goal is to replace our walkway with a path forward that uses permeable materials and harvests  rain to other parts of the garden that can benefit from it. We believe this can help mitigate further pollution from entering our local ecosystems.    Community gardens can act as built-in green infrastructures to most urban cities.  The use of bio swales, rain water collection,  retaining walls and installing rain gardens, or plants that tolerate wet environments, are also solutions for the garden to combat flooding. PVCG will allocate remaining misc funds toward purchasing plants and planting material, and tools to implement our own rain garden, tools to form bioswales and retaining walls. Your support and attention to this matter is greatly appreciated!!!


the steps

  1. Lift existing bricks and path
  2. machine rental/map out plans
  3. Spread gravel,  paver base,sand, and paver base, permeable pavers and polymeric sand 
  4. Order remaining supplies and tools 
  5. level 
  6. Goal 

why we're doing it

Installing a permeable path will set an example for how storm water can be consciously managed.

New York Times article:



The materials listed below reflect what PVCG will supply for the walkway construction. Greenthumb will provide the bulk materials needed. This includes crushed rock, gravel, permeable paver grid.

Pathway Plan and Budget


  • $149.99 x 2 landscape fabric heavy duty for paths 12.5’x 60’ = $299.98
  • $22.69 x 4 Edging staples 80 pcs 6” metal = $90.76
  • $161.50 paver edging 240’ heavy duty = $323.00
  • 390.66 Polymeric Sand 22.98x 17. = $390.66
  • Mallet              = $16.48

Total: $1120.88

TOTAL RAISED = $1,140.89
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $20.01



Pro flex edging kit x4 = $680

pavers = $2000

paver sand x 137 = $620

paver base/gravel = $1200

machine rental = $200

polymeric paver sand x 12 = $300

misc. = $620

Total estimated budget plan = $5,000. 

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
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