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the project

A couple deciding whether or not to have a child embark on separate journeys through time and space.  The seventh in a series of ecology-inspired Planet Plays, EARTH is a quasi-immersive theatrical event exploring the personal, social and environmental questions surrounding contemporary issues of population. Created collaboratively and remotely by international teams of artists and scientists based on limitations inspired by the Voyager Golden Record project. 

The Planet Plays is the long-term project of NYC eco-theater collective Superhero Clubhouse. Like the other plays in the series, EARTH utilizes movement, music and media in addition to text in order to create a multi-dimensional approach to storytelling. The process of making EARTH is inspired by its themes: issues associated with population have a lot to do with limitation (of resources, space, time, choices, etc), therefore we have given ourselves similar limitations (of resources, space, time and design) in order to push against them creatively. For instance, the sound design in EARTH must come from the soundtrack of the Voyger Golden Record, a time capsule that NASA attached to the Voyager spacecrafts in 1977. Considering how expansive, global and complex the issues connected with population, we are considering our play as its own sort of imperfect time capsule, focusing on personal stories, observations and experiences from people around the world as well as native and foreign citizens of NYC. 

Our company is made up of twenty local artists (many of whom are foreign-born) and dozens of artists from other countries including Romania, Australia, China, Japan and Denmark. We also have a handfull of scientific collaborators, some of whom will be performing with us. 

We began developing EARTH in 2012. In June 2014 we had our first work-in-progress showing for an audience. Now, we are raising funds for the next phase of EARTH's development, which will take place September 2-20 in Building 110 of Governor's Island, thanks to a Process Space grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. 

the steps

We already have a company in place: twenty local artists and scientists and dozens of artists in other countries.
For the next two months, we will be fundraising in order to pay stipends to our company, as well as cover other production costs.
Throughout August we will be in contact with our remote teams, who will be making and refining material from afar. 
September 2 we begin three weeks of rehearsals on Governor's Island, and on September 20 we present a work-in-progress performance to the public followed by a feedback session. EARTH will premiere in 2015 in NYC.

why we're doing it

For thousands of years of human history, having a child was crucial to the survival of tribes, families, farms, races... humanity itself.  As technology and medicine advanced, the stakes dropped; for many of us, need has been replaced with choice. Now, as the global population climbs toward 10 billion, life expectancy increases, resources become precious, and the consequences of climate change barrel down on us, how we personally and globally consider the effects of our species' multiplication has never been more crucial.  Is there a limit to humanity?  Is quality of life relative? Are we responsible for each other?  How do we balance the beauty and brilliance of our species with the impact our very presence has on the world we rely on?


$4,400 Artist stipends (3 curators, 13 performers, 4 designers, 1 musical arranger, 1 stage manager x $200) 
$100 Transportation (driving design elements to Governor's Island and back)
$150 Materials (most significantly, a circular braided rug that is the centerpiece of our set design)
$300 Documentation (video, photography and editing)
$50 Miscellaneous (unforeseen items, like a necessary cable or a roll of gaffers tape)

SUBTOTAL = $5,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $150



RAISED = $1865
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $53

$1,777 spent on materials, transportation and as many artist stipends possible.


Thank You!


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