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the project

In 2019, Earth Matter NY began a collaboration with M.S. 371, the School of Earth Exploration and Discovery Harlem (SEED Harlem). Opened in 2020, this small, innovative, public middle school is rooted in project-based learning, outdoor experiences, hands-on approaches, and community engagement. We are like soul mates!

Earth Matter is rising to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic by partnering with cutting-edge curriculum lab HYPOTHEkids to find new ways to connect with the young minds at SEED Harlem. Together we will develop and deliver online and open-source teaching resources focused on environmental and food justice, viewed through the lens of composting, Earth Matter’s area of expertise for over a decade.

With 70% of NYC students now attending school via computer, and the end to the Covid-19 pandemic still months away (at best), access to high-quality online resources for both teachers and students is critical.

As leaders in the greening and composting communities, Earth Matter feels duty-bound to ensure that locally-focused curricula around composting and important, interconnected issues—nutrition, sustainable urban agriculture, and food and social justice—is widely available. 

Your donations will help Earth Matter create an exciting online curriculum that will benefit not only SEED:Harlem, but students across New York City and the globe; young minds eager to learn about their role in the movement to save the planet, starting from the ground up.


the steps

1. Develop new curriculum outline, using as source material the lesson plans that were developed in 2019.

2. Finalize which elements of the curriculum must be carried out in the classroom or school yard, or in the students’ homes—for example, worm bins—and which parts needs to use Earth Matter's Governors Island facility. 

3. Record  videos at the Compost Learning Center and Soil Start Farm, edit videos, and develop companion teaching materials, such as readings and written exercises.

4. Upload the videos and teaching materials, then celebrate!


why we're doing it

Earth Matter, SEED Harlem (M.S. 371), and HYPOTHEkids are all committed to building the food justice movement in Harlem by promoting food waste awareness and composting, urban agriculture, sound nutrition, and environmental responsibility. 


Earth Matter – 


SEED: Harlem –





  1. Worm Bins includes worms  (90*$33) --  $2970
  2. Scales for organics collection (90*$12) --  $1,080
  3. Farming supplies & tools --  $2000
  4. Materials for indoor growing systems --  $600
  5. Gas, vehicle related --  $50
  6. Solar equipment for running irrigation timers,chargers --  $2500
  7. Greenhouse ventilation system --  $300
  8. PPE related expenses to assist with on site farm and compost work --  $300   

Total:   $9800


  1. Curriculum Development Consultant --  $5,000
  2. Content Development Specialist(s) for videography, writing, website design --  $5,000

TOTAL $19,800

ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $612
TOTAL TO RAISE = $20,412



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