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Thank you! Local youth puts together successful eco-event.

the project

By gathering together multiple groups (the list above is just preliminary) as well as providing handouts that provide information about climate change, environmental sustainability and what people in the community can do to help; I plan to make information more readily avaliable for members of the community. It is my hope that by providing information as well as initiatives for people to recycle (by providing people who come to my fair with reusable bags) I will be making a difference in helping combat climate change and making Brooklyn and my local community a more environmentally friendly part of the world.

the steps

November 2008, I got my project approved and was allowed to start working on it. From that point on I went out and tried to get city and state organizations, companies and local activists to commit to coming down to my project and setting up a table. Within the month of April, I plan to start to make copies of the flier and have some of my volunteers to hand them out to local businesses. Midway through April I will contact all groups that said they will come and confirm with them they can still come. The entire project culminates on May 9, 2009 with the fair taking place on the New Utrecht Reformed Church front lawn from 11:30 to 2:30

why we're doing it

To achieve the highest rank of Eagle Scout, I must plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to the community. For my project, I plan to hold and coordinate an environmental awareness fair to help bring attention to what many companies are doing to be eco-friendly and what the community can do to help. I have organised many groups to come to the fair including: BCUE, DEC, New York Loves Mountains, ConEd, The Climate Project, HP's recycling program, Tri-State Bio Diesel, Rainforest Relief and the Pratt Center. The problem that I seek to address is the lack of community knowledge about the environment and problems facing it.


1) Banner Sign 15"" X 6' Economy $31.99, Staples Mark the World 2) 25 Reusable Bags $25, Pathmark (718) 266-2705 3) In order to give back to the Church for housing out Troop, my fair and help the environment, I plan to plant perennial flowers around the yard. Cost is estimated around $40, Home Depot 4) Supplies to Make and Distribute fliers $20, Staples 5) Food and Drink for volunteers $20 ,Dunkin Donuts Numbers 4 and 5 on the Budget are not crucial to the success of my project but if I could get funding for them it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you! Local youth puts together successful eco-event.


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