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We believe that everyone regardless of immigration status deserves a life with dignity, free of fear of deportation and to keep their family together

Driving Pennsylvania Forward is a statewide coalition composed of advocacy, faith, business, farmer, labor and community organizations. Since 2019 we have been working to change the narrative around immigrants living in Pennsylvania and build power to achieve the human right to mobility by securing driver’s licenses for all Pennsylvanians regardless of immigration status. Every year we work to build leadership in the communities we work with to mobilize, educate, protest, share testimonies, meet with legislators, write letters and to empower the community to advocate for themselves.

Driving Pennsylvania Forward Coalition prioritizes the leadership of the immigrant community, and welcomes everyone who believes in the importance of changing what is politically possible for the immigrant community through grassroots efforts. In 2021 we invite you to support our local and statewide gatherings, leadership building, and interpretation to ensure our activities are accessible and inclusive to all. Will you help us educate & mobilize 10,000 community members and immigrant leaders this year?

Below are a few key milestones we accomplished in 2020. Will you donate to make us stronger in 2021?

  • Coalition hired the Statewide Coordinator
  • Launched Driving PA Forward Website 
  • Formed working committees in DPF Coalition such as: Fundraising, Media and Communications, Research, Action and Mobilizations and Advisory Committee
  • Published Report, Secure Our Data: Protecting the Privacy of Pennsylvania Residents and Drivers, August 2020
  • Published Economic Impact Report in partnership with Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, Making Pennsylvania’s Undocumented ImmigrantsMobile: Enacting Driver’s License Expansion PolicyThat Works for Everyone, September 2020
  • 40 Days of Fasting and Prayer for Driver's Licenses 
  • 11,000 calls made to community members in key districts to build support for driver's licenses 
  • End of Session Unity in Power Parade
  • Grew coalition member organizations: MILPA, New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia, ACLU of PA, Coalición de Apoyo a Trabajadores Agrícolas, Immigrant Rights Action Group, The Woori Center, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, PICC, National Young Farmers Coalition PA Chapter, Casa San Jose, Havertown Community Action Network, Pittsburgh Food Policy Council, CMU Against ICE, Villanova Farmworker Legal Aid Clinic, Juntos, CASA, Make the Road Pennsylvania, HIAS PA, Center on Immigration at Cabrini University

the steps

  • Educate and mobilize the bigger Pennsylvania community including faith institutions, employers and employer associations, impacted individuals and allies to understand the impacts of lack of access to driver’s licenses
  • Provide for professional interpretation at all our coalition, retreats and educational meetings and events
  • Continue paying our statewide coordinator’s salary
  • Print Materials for community actions

why we're doing it

For our immigrant community members, driving to work, to the hospital, to church, to school, or to the gorcerie store specially in areas where there is no access to transportation could cause their deportation when pulled over by the police due to something as simple as a broken light or racial profiling.


Disbursed Budget 10.28.21

$507.35 - Technology(website)
$2,500.00 - Education & leadership development events (staff time & interpretation)
$2,500.00 - Statewide planning retreats (staff time & interpretation)
$2,500.00 - Statewide mobilization: transportation & promotion (staff time & transportation)


TOTAL RAISED = $8,255.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $247.65

Original Budget: 

We are raising money for public education and outreach around this very important community issue:

$10,000 - Materials for outreach and education

$6,000 - Interpretation to insure accessibility for all

$9,000 - Staff time for education and outreach 

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $1,361
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
TOTAL TO RAISE = $27,212

Please note: ioby fees are estimated and will be calculated based on totals at the end of the campaign.



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  • Immigrant Rights Action
  • Immigrant Rights Action (IRAGdA)
  • Koa R.
  • MILPA Upper Darby
  • Joan, TMC
  • Anonymous
  • Suzanne Powell
  • Maria/Karla/Wendy/Evelin /Kattie//MILPA
  • E Stevens
  • TMC
  • Arely Contreras MILPA
  • Eglys M de la Cruz
  • Jane K.
  • Katy and Doug (H-CAN)
  • Lisa Taglang- H-CAN
  • Letta Schatz, HCAN
  • Maura McInerney, HCAN Immigration and Refugee Action Group
  • H-CAN
  • Annie D., H-CAN
  • Nikki and Pete--H-CAN
  • Anita E (H-CAN)
  • Harriet Ball Quadrangle/H-CAN
  • Sandy Harrison
  • Guadalupe y Patricia
  • Jane and Doug S
  • Nancy F.
  • Allie
  • Antonia D.
  • Patricia D.
  • Guillermo Perez
  • Julissa:MILPA
  • Pittsburgh Freethought Community
  • Green Party of Allegheny County
  • Anonymous
  • Kim Andrews
  • Doug Norton (H-CAN)
  • Hannah Norton, H-CAN
  • Dinnie
  • Betty Litsinger
  • Anonymous
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  • Dr. Aya Betensky and Dr. Robert Kraut
  • Lali K
  • Stephanie N- MILPA
  • H.Salgado/NSM
  • Caitlin S.
  • Krystle K.
  • H-CAN
  • Sandy Harrison
  • Maura (H-CAN Immigration and Refugee)
  • H-CAN
  • Katy F-N (H-CAN)
  • Carol F. ( H-CAN)
  • Bonnie H. - Indivisible-Upper Darby
  • Jennifer H. (H-CAN)
  • Jason M. (H-CAN)
  • Mary Beth T : H-CAN
  • Bo D - from H-CAN
  • Bruce Goldstein
  • M.C/NSM
  • D Lipetz
  • Rabbi Simcha Z
  • B Borden
  • Anonymous
  • Dawn, Diana, Elijah & Jude
  • Michael Engh in honor of Zachary Kraut Bar Mitzvah
  • Woori Center
  • Anonymous
  • Narberth Havurah
  • Frank B.
  • Woori Center member
  • Sara M.
  • Austin M.
  • Anonymous
  • The Hanna Family, in honor of Zachary Kraut becoming a Bar Mitzvah
  • Hilary C.
  • Anonymous
  • Gabriela Castaneda MILPA
  • Karen K.
  • Anonymous
  • Marcia D Garb
  • Jim K.
  • Mazel Tov, Zachary love, Grandma and Grandpa
  • Tom T.
  • JAI - Immigrant Rights Action
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