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the project

The primary focus of D.R.I.V.E. CLiCK is to DRIVE local youth to utilize CLiCK RESOURCES through INNOVATIVE training while promoting their VISION and inspiring ENTREPRENEURIALISM in the food industry.  By providing actual skill-based training and information on starting a local small food business, CLiCK aims to inspire adolescents from all walks of life to discover their inner entrepreneurial potential and grow into leadership positions.

One of the barriers to providing an integrative, hands-on, culinary program like this is lack of transportation, as CLiCK is located just outside the main hub of Willimantic and away from local bus routes.  This has been an ongoing challenge that prevents CLiCK’s educational programming from reaching our local youth.  The addition of the van would allow CLiCK to transport up to fourteen individuals to and from the facility while providing additional employment for a program educator and bus driver.  CLiCK will be recruiting and engaging local middle and high school students to create their own value-added product that is created, grown, processed, packaged, and distributed from CLiCK.  Reliable transportation will allow us to develop and establish a permanent long-term youth entrepreneurial program around the CLiCK mission of Grow, Cook, Share.

The Jeffrey P. Ossen Family Foundation has financially supported CLiCK's education program ongoing and will continue to do so by matching up to $12,500 of funds raised through this platform.

the steps

Purchase a van

Secure necessary insurance and licensing

Hire a bus driver

Build out teaching garden and grow room

Revise and review current youth entrepreneurial program curriculum

Create a timeframe for pilot class and outreach and marketing to local schools

Appropriately vet additional entrepreneurial educators as needed

why we're doing it

CLiCK recognizes our local youth as the future of our community and our world.  D.R.I.V.E. CLiCK aims to identify, explore, and strengthen leadership and autonomy by engaging students in the Grow, Cook, Share mission of CLiCK.  By creating a value-added product, students will discover their potential, learn tangible skills, and gain the confidence needed to be successful at all aspects of life.  This program aims to address students who are enrolled in the Windham County education system, which has the lowest graduation percentage in the state.  We will be giving special attention to students who are struggling in a traditional public education setting, in collaboration with school administrators, guidance counselors, and social services.  Willimantic is an underdeveloped and low-income area with limited opportunities to engage in the food business or launch entrepreneurial projects. D.R.I.V.E. CLiCK will provide an additional opportunity to support our youth’s learning and development.


Disbursed budget

Van - 30480.65

Staffing - 3,000

Program - 4700

Supplies - 2405

TOTAL RAISED = $41,240.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $619.35

Original Budget:

Bus & Related Transportation Fees: $40,000

Staffing: $3,000

Entrepreneur Program: $5,000

Supplies: $2,405

Total: $50,405

The Jeffrey P. Ossen Family Foundation has financially supported CLiCK's education program ongoing and will continue to do so by matching up to $12,500 of funds raised through this platform.

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $1,500
TOTAL TO RAISE = $50,000


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