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the project

The Steel City Indie Youth Film Workshops are designed to give Pittsburgh citywide youth creative opportunities to express themselves through wiring and film. A lot of kids only have access to athletic activities. Some aren't athletic and some are athletic and want to do more creative things. 

I initially designed by acting workshops for adults looking for acting opportunities, coaching, and to cast for my projects. I was asked to offer an after-school program for the youth in our neighborhood. I quickly learned that regardless of their home life our youth possess a lot of hidden talents and really need to express themselves.

The reward in seeing the excitement in our youth when they create and complete a project is second to none. 

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the steps

Steel City Indie, LLC (SCI) was incorporated in 2020. SCI was created to showcase the different services, projects, and programs we offer for the city of Pittsburgh, surrounding areas, and other cities.

Youth Programs-

  • Write, Act, & Shoot- Our Write, Act, & Shoot is our film program that gives our youth the tools to write and produce short films and documentaries. This is an 8-week program that is in-person and virtual.
  • Start At the Root- Start at The Is our junior entrepreneur program that gives our youth the opportunity to run a business. We start with a t-shirt company teaching them customer service skills, teambuilding, contracts, and branding.
  • Getting Down to Business Podcast- In this day of YouTube, Twitch, and other digital platforms our podcast program gives the students the opportunity to interview business owners, athletes, community leaders, and more. They get to learn scheduling, communication skills, time management, and professionalism.
  • Be A Part of The Solution- This our community outreach program that taps into one’s willingness to give back to their community and help somebody. We schedule back to school supply events, Thanksgiving dinner basket giveaways, toy drives, free prescription eye glass events, and different volunteer opportunities.


Steel City Indie, LLC is in the process of setting up a new 4000 square feet location in Hazelwood. This location will be the hub for our print shop, actor’s workshop, photography studio, podcast studio, video editing suite, and youth programs.

why we're doing it

I do it because coming up in the Homewood Brushton neighborhood we didn't have creative avenues. I strongly believe that if we did some of us wouldn't have made the decisons we thought were our only options. To have the opportunity to give our youth a couple hours to escape what's going on in their homes and outside their doors is amazing. Our youth are our future and we need to invest time into them. Be a part of the solution!


Laptops- $2800

Dslr Cameras- $1500

Boom Mics- $400

Podcast- Mics- $70

Blank T-shirts- $230


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