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Christine Z
Brickell Avenue Bridge
(Brickell, Downtown)
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the project

By bringing public art into the urban landscape, blank, overlooked infrastructure and building walls can be activated through visual narratives. These large graphic projects emulate the spatial effects found at the scale of architecture, while acting as catalysts in the transformation of collective urban space.

The Miami River is a significant artery for the city. With ships frequently passing, vehicular traffic, cyclists, and pedestrians alike, must yield to the rhythms of the opening bridges. These vertical surfaces along with adjacent building facades, are untapped canvases for creative urban works.

Thoughts on Water, proposes to make an engaging experience for those waiting to cross the Miami River, through a month-long series of projected haiku.* These visual short texts would be developed and submitted by the public through a series of writing workshops, and will explore the subject of water.

The vertical face of the Brickell Avenue bridges’ north leaf, and the east elevation of 444 Brickell, which faces the Miami Circle and the entrance of the Miami River, are sites under exploration for the installation.

This proposal would allow the public to reflect upon the unifying theme of water, while softening a moment of tension for traffic within the Downtown fabric. It would celebrate a dynamic intersection within the city through the telling of a collective story.

the steps

Phase 1: Preparation

-Finalize approvals: Reviewing installation with City of Miami and parties facilitating projector placement.

-Community outreach: Writing workshops, calls for submissions, social media.

-Curate and select haiku for installation: Review with jury for final collection of texts.

-Graphic layout: Develop projection format, graphically compose haiku, mock-up.

-Photograph submission: Prepare on-line platform for public to submit photographs of installation.


Phase 2: Implementation

-Operation of Projector: Turn projector on and off during bridge operation cycle; switch Gobo slides.

-Photographic Documentation: Photography of projected haiku during evenings.

-Continued marketing: Inform public of installation through social media before and during the month of April (National Poetry Month)

-On-site Outreach: Discuss the installation and share information about The Miami Foundation with pedestrians during projections.

why we're doing it

Water has captivated the heart for ages; therefore, inspired by the South Florida location and proximity to Biscayne Bay and Miami River, the project would encourage the Miami community to respond to the topic of water through observations, personal connections, and abstractions. The rules of haiku poetry would provoke the practice of harmonizing few words with the greatest impact, while the collection of texts would share the reflections of a broad group of people.

The Miami River and the writing structure of haiku each have dynamic rhythms. The project’s physical ambition is to allow the content of the text resonate with its imposed material and spatial context: generating an augmented reading of the work, with the overall visual impact inducing a positive aspect that everyone can enjoy.

Through its’ realization, Thoughts on Water would encourage the sharing of experiences and ideas, and demonstrate how they can evolve into larger creative works: promoting a sense of public ownership of urban art.


UPDATED BUDGET (as of 3.7.18):

RAISED = $15,000.00
less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $692.82
less Payment Processing Fee (3%) $415.69
TOTAL TO DISBURSE = $13,856.48




SUBTOTAL = $15,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $750
Payment Processing Fee (3%) $450
TOTAL TO RAISE = $16,235
  1. Project Staff / $1,000.00 / Projector operator
  2. Project Staff / $250.00 / Community writing workshop
  3. Project Staff / $250.00 / Community writing workshop
  4. Project Staff / $250.00 /  Community writing workshop
  5. Sub-Contract / $2,500.00 / Graphic design, file format and management
  6. Consulting Services / $500.00 / Jury
  7. Other Contracted Services / $750.00/ On-line digital archive of images and text
  8. Materials and Supplies / $100.00 / on-site items
  9. Marketing / $50.00 / Printed media
  10. Postage and Delivery / $45.00
  11. Equipment Purchase / $6,590.00 / ES-B150 E Projector, Tripod, Glass Gobo disks
  12. Photographic Documentation / $1,000.00 / Photographer
  13. Temporary Event Permit / $507.00 / two-week duration x 2
  14. Event Insurance / $500.00 / Short-term liability insurance
  15. Contingency /  $500.00 


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