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the project

The Dolphin Heights Community Garden can serve the neighborhood better -- and the need for fruits and vegetables and education surrounding healthy eating in Dolphin Heights is great. 

Dolphin Heights Neighborhood Association, buildingcommunityWORKSHOP, and East Dallas Community Organization (EDCO) are partnering to increase the amount of fresh food grown in the Dolphin Heights Community Garden by working with the community to create a resident gardener position and garden cottage. In exchange for caring for the garden, the gardener will receive reduced rent to live in the cottage. 

When complete, the program will benefit Dolphin Heights residents by: 

  • Providing an opportunity for training and reduced rent for a local resident
  • Offering educational opportunities surrounding gardening and nutritious food for the Dolphin Heights neighborhood
  • Being a small source of income for the Dolphin Heights Neighborhood Association (provided through the gardener’s rent)
  • Improving health through increased access to and education surrounding gardening and fresh, nutritious foods

the steps

  • January 2021: Produce Architectural Construction Plans and third party energy compliance review of plans required by the City of Dallas.
  • February 2021: Submit for building permit
  • April 2021: Begin construction on the cottage (permitting is taking a while at the moment)
  • June/July 2021: Construction complete - gardener-in-residence moves in, work begins! 

why we're doing it

The Dolphin Heights Community Garden could be a staple in the neighborhood, but Ms. Hill on her own it is not able to do the physical labor it would require to increase the garden’s capacity. Moreover, DHNA has noticed a decline in association activity brought on by the health pandemic, as older residents are especially less likely to be out and active in the community.
In addition, there is a lack of quality affordable housing in Dolphin Heights. This project will add an additional unit to the neighborhood while also attending to garden improvements to address the decline it has seen over the past few years. With an active garden, community members of all ages will have increased access to fresh, nutritious foods as well as educational activities right in their neighborhood. 


Cottage construction (materials, labor): $40,000

City and permitting-associated fees: $3,465

Garden improvements (raised plant beds, extended path from cottage to garden): $5,000

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
TOTAL TO RAISE = $50,000




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