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the project

In an effort to provide recognition, representation, and exposure for talents in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia tri-state area, XBlaze Magazine wants to simultaneously devote its efforts to supplying and uplift the community! COVID-19 and the international pandemic have disheveled the dreams, lives, and plans of many across the nation. However, one thing many people tend to forget is how much damage this pandemic has caused for families and individuals who were already struggling to begin with. Though things are transitioning back to 'normal', there are still countless individuals that will continue to suffer the repercussions for a bit longer.

The objective of this project is to help those who may be a bit less opportune than others by providing various points of access for the families and individuals. This includes providing meals/groceries for the hungry and/or homeless and rendering school supplies and back bags to students across the tri-state area! We want to build the community and spread a sense of care through a series of community services! Again, the past year has restructured the lives of many on a national and international level, but we would love to aid those affected in whatever way we're are allowed. For us, that means blessing the lives of as many residents n Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia as we can. 

We want to excite, inspire, enlighten and empower, but it takes a village, and that is why we are here!

the steps

  • Through your generous and valued support, our team will be able to achieve a number of goals. Within a week all necessary distribution locations will have been evaluated for overall safety and secured within this same week!
  • Once local distribution locations have been solidified, our next focus will be to gather all needed supplies! This includes, but is not limited to bookbags, school/office supplies, consumables (food & drinks), distribution equipment (bags, boxes, utensils, containers, etc.) All necessary actions will be within the span of 1.5 weeks following the achievement of the funding goal!
  • The next stop would be preparing, spreading the word, and executing the plan! This would ideally take place on the 2nd and 3rd week following the achievement of the funding goal!

why we're doing it

Aid, Love, and Opportunity are some of the many things that many people in the DMV need during this unique time, and that is exactly what we hope to radiate in the coming month(s)! The goal is to help alleviate stress by providing some necessities that may not be easily obtainable for some.

Aid. Although it will not be on a national level, we do plan to help those in our community that need any sort of help this fall!

Love. This is an exceptional way to show residents in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia that there are people who are looking out for them and show those who may feel less fortunate that they are not forgotten. It is also a way to show them that they do not have to settle or struggle. We want to spread positive energy that radiates love and compassion.

Opportunity. This project alone is one of the many future opportunities we hope to consistently provide for the D.M.V area. We also intend to connect them with various benefactors that may be able to aid these individuals and families in ways we may not be able to.


All funds will go towards the production of this community service project /experience. Below you will be able to find a quick breakdown of how the funds will be implemented.

  • Feed the Hungry

    • Food & Beverages

    • Groceries

  • Backpacks

    • School/ Office Supplies

    • Sanitary Wipes

    • Mask

    • Gloves

  • Securing Safe Distribution Location(s)

  • Packaging

    • Groceries Utensils

    • Disposables

    • Bags + Boxes

    • Napkins

  • Thank You Tokens for Volunteers!


  • Feed the Hungry

    • One of the ways we intend to serve our community includes providing meals for the hungry and/or homeless. We would love to surpass our minimum goal drastically!

  • Securing Safe Distribution Location(s)

    • Ensuring the safety of all individuals and volunteers involved in this project is a top priority! Therefore, it is crucial to secure a safe and equipped location for distribution! 

  • Packaging

    • Once supplies and consumables have been acquired, bags, boxes and other equipment will be needed to properly and safely pack items before distribution.

  • Thanking  Volunteer!

    • A portion of our budget will be dedicated to making thank you bags for all volunteers that take part in making the vision for our project come to life!

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