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the project

Commercialized financial consulting, typically costing up to $300 per session, has long been easily accessible for privileged affluent clientele, yet these services remain systemically out of reach within historically under-resourced communities.

  • According to the Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances, the gap in wealth inequality continues to be ever present, in particular for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, who consistently earn less (20% - 40% below the median income), resulting in saving far less (3 - 20 times below the median net worth) compared to their White contemporaries.
  • Seeking other alternatives, such as career or life counseling (each costing upwards of $100+ per session), further exacerbates the finanical burden placed on these communities in gaining access to all-inclusive advisory services.

Enter Discover Your Pace (DYP), a counter-cultural nonprofit that focuses on service and education, not profits and returns, by providing astute guidance in financial literacy, professional advancement and personal development.

our mission

To provide affordable comprehensive personal advisory services (Financial, Career & Life Coaching) to students, professionals, & entrepreneurs that are actively engaged within their communities through charitable acts of service (Volunteer, Tutor, Mentor, or Advocate).

  • DYP aspires to help individuals discover ways to save, earn, and contribute more at their own pace. Those contributions start with charitable action, not just from our members, but from our volunteers, donors and personnel, as we collectively strive to engage in 10,000+ hours of community service over our program's initial 10 years.

 our program

DYP advisors collaborate with each member to implement a customized interactive action plan, which is supported by our three-prong strategic advisory framework approach. DYP provides keen adaptable insights and tailored developmental activities to enhance concise decision making through hands-on application.

In each one-on-one advising session, our members receive responsive feedback to better manage their:

  • Personal Finances by learning greater structured budgetary principles, to instill a solid foundation of self-Discipline.

  • Professional Career by developing greater transferable core proficiencies, to ignite a steadfast growth of self-Confidence.

  • Primary Life by building greater resourceful accountability practices, to infuse a strong knack of self-Initiative.

DYP then encourages our members to "Pay It Forward" by employing their gained acumen, to take on greater supportive and leadership roles within their community, providing local nonprofit organizations with a broader range of charitable contributions that span beyond just giving fundraising dollars.

  • As our members continuously integrate social service into their lives, we further empower them to explore causes within social justice (racial & class inequality, environmental & healthcare infringement, home & hunger insecurity, etc.), advocating for greater reform, opportunity, and inclusion (ROI).

For more information about our program membership, becoming a recurring donor or volunteer to support our mission, please contact us at today. Additionallly, testimonials can be viewed via LinkedIn. We appreciate your support!

the steps

Phase 1 (Oct-2020 to Dec-2020): Program Development ($15K)

  • Recruit professional consulting personnel to support HR, accounting, IT and marketing
  • Apply for 501(c)(3) federal and state tax exempt status, national & local philanthropic associations, and obtain necessary insurances coverages

Phase 2 (Jan-2021 to Apr-2021): Program Pilot ($30K)

  • Recruit 2-5 volunteers to support program and fundraising operations
  • On-board an initial 10+ program members, collectively providing over 50+ advising sessions/check-ins and engaging in 250+ hours of community service

Phase 3 (May-2021 to Dec-2021): Program Launch ($60K) 

  • Recruit full-time Membership Engagement Coordinator to support program and community services 
  • On-board an additional  25+ program members, collectively providing 250+ advising sessions/check-ins & engaging in 750+ hours of  community service  

Please check out our budget section for more details on all our program phases!

why we're doing it

According to research supported by the Stanford Center on Longevity, the three most common barriers for individuals to volunteer are (1) Not enough time, (2) Not enough information, (3) Not engaged to participate. The majority of nonprofit organizations rely on charitable acts of service to fulfill their mission, reported to the Urban Institute, yet less than a third of Americans are actively volunteering, according to the Corporation for National and Community Service.

  • DYP aims to combat this stagnating trend, locally, by providing individuals with additional resources and guidance to support their community in new and inventive ways, to take on a greater sense of purpose through their own earned prosperity aided through personal advisory.

At its core, DYP seeks to extend the impact of traditional nonprofits that works toward poverty, hunger, and homelessness alleviation, by continuing efforts to support individuals that have successfully navigated these complex and even dire circumstances to obtain education and knowledge to be greater productive contributors within their own communities.


special thanks

With the supportive efforts of our first three pro-bono advisory clients back in 2017, all now currently serving on the inaugural Board of Directors, Discover Your Pace was successfully incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2020! Truly, thank you!

  • Additionally, DYP would like to thank Lawyers Clearinghouse & Dechert LLP for providing pro-bono legal services during our incorporation to launch phases.   


about our founder

Marcel Daniel is an alumnus of the Gates Millennium Scholars program and graduate of Howard University, where he earned a bachelor’s in business administration in 2008, served as senior president of Gamma Iota Sigma, Tau Chapter and an academic youth, teen and collegiate mathematics tutor.  Marcel has over a decade of business and financial analysis experience as a former senior analyst with Liberty Mutual and has served as a long-standing mentor with the Big Brother Big Sister program. 

Since 2017, Marcel has contributed over 3,000 hours of pro-bono advisory sessions and services within the Greater Boston area, guiding clients in creating automated personal budgets, filing their taxes, prepping for annual performance reviews, negotiating for promotions, identifying schedule efficiencies, establishing multi-level accountability practices, and implementing techniques to mitigate stress and anxiety.

Over the next five years, Marcel will be pursuing executive leadership programs with the Institute of Nonprofit Practice , New Sector Alliance & Trinity Boston Connects, as well as exploring educational opportunities with the Certified Financial Planners Board & the International Coaching Federation. Marcel is a proud father of one son and brother of three younger sisters, and currently contributes as a youth athletic coach with Viking Sports and a mentor with Minds Matter Boston

For more information about our program membership, becoming a recurring donor and/or volunteer to support our mission, please reach us at today. Client and colleague testimonials can also be found at Thank you for your support, be well and take care!


Phase 1 (Oct-2020 to Dec-2020): Program Development ($15K)

·       Apply for: (1) federal 501c3 tax exempt status (2) multi-state nonprofit solicitation registration, & (3) local  and national philanthropic association memberships  

·       Obtain necessary insurance coverages & hire external consulting aid in accounting, legal, human resource, & information technology

·       Integrate an online front-end member, volunteer, and donor portal and back-end advisory, data, and service management system with integrated CRM ( NonProfit Cloud)

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $817
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $490
TOTAL TO RAISE = $16,342



Phase 2 (Jan-2021 to Apr-2021): Program Pilot ($30K)

·       Recruit 2-5 volunteer personnel to assist with membership program and service engagement, donor and grant fundraising management, & social media networking and digital print branding

·       Soft launch of online CRM portal and develop internal process documentation and troubleshooting protocols

·       On-board 10-20 initial program members, collectively provided over 50+ advising sessions/check-ins and engaged in 250+ hours of community service


Phase 3 (May-2021 to Dec-2021): Program Launch ($60K)

·       Recruit full-time Membership Engagement Coordinator to support program members and volunteer personnel

·       Soft launch partnership with a local nonprofit organization to collaborate on community service opportunities

·       On-board 20-30 additional program members (~50+ total), collectively provided  250+ advising sessions/check-ins and engaged in 750+ hours of community service annually


Phase 4 (Jan-2022 to Dec-2022): Program Adaptation ($120K)

·       Recruit part-time Grant Specialist & Web Developer to support funding initiatives and expand online advisory services capabilities

·       Soft launch of educational resource tools integrated with the Strategic Advisory Framework and piloted with established members and partnerships

·       On-board 35-50 additional program members (~100+ total), collectively provided 500+ advising sessions/check-ins and engaged in 2000+ hours of community service annually


Phase 5 (Jan-2023 to Dec-2023): Program Expansion ($300K)

·       Recruit full-time Associate Advisors to provide specialized coaching to enhance total family support services

·       Soft launch Strategic Advisory Framework resource portal and piloted with local nonprofits, schools, and community-based organizations

·       On-board 50+ additional program members (~150+ total), collectively provided 1000+ advising sessions/check-ins and engaged in 3000+ hours of community service annually



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