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the project

Disabled and Loved Fest is a streamed concert (live or pre-recorded TBD) that platforms disabled artists, musicians and business owners as well as resources for disabled and high risk people. It is an opportunity for people to experience art, love, joy, and care! Everyone at some point or another will experience grief, loss and pain. While these experiences are human, art, love, joy and care are also human and should be brought to as many people as possible.

This year, Disabled and Loved Fest will be streamed on Saturday, July 15th, 2023 from 1 to 4 p.m. PST.

the steps

We are so excited to create an opportunity for disabled actors, musicians, artists and business owners to showcase their artistry! Prior to the event date on 7/15/23, our budget will be spent on:

Hiring an actor who will be our wonderful host and provide audio descriptions. 

Hiring 4 musicians.

Hiring 2 American Sign Language interpreters. 

Hiring captioning services and technical support for the virtual event.

why we're doing it

Long before COVID-19, the importance of community was especially clear to me as a child after witnessing a loved one's experience with Alzheimer's disease. Everyday we can make the choice to take care of each other and create dignity and peace through our interactions. 

The mission, vision and values of Disabled and Loved Fest are encompassed by a short statement: To bring people together and build community by bringing dignity, peace, joy and love to everyone with the goal of creating a world where such a culture is not only constant, but is also celebrated. 

These values, this mission and vision, all stem from various life experiences that involve community care, from being a part of a disabled and high-risk family, and from the current (and unfortunate) realities we are faced with. With COVID-19 still very much affecting people, either through active infection or long COVID, it's so important to create a safe environment for everyone to have fun, including disabled and high-risk people. Grief and loss are something we've all gone through or are all going to go through. Through it all, community can help us remember, honor, and provide dignity and peace for people who have passed. Community also helps us create great parties, celebrations and concerts for the living. With active messaging telling high-risk and disabled people that they should stay inside, now is the time to create community with our most vulnerable and isolated. In a world that spares no one from loss, we can come together and bring an abundance of joy to everyone. Thank you for visiting!


ASL Interpreters (2): $500

Host (1): $750

Technical Support & Captioning: $375

Musicians (4): $1000

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $143
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
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