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You just sparked CHANGE!

the project

Imagine the life altering experience of being thrusted from the comfort and security of your own home. Suddenly you find your family out on the streets. Gone is the security of the space you’ve known. Your children are missing the familiarity of their surroundings and the use of the personal things.

Imagine the discomfort of this experience being magnified by having to walk away from everything you own. Unable to save all of the things you’ve worked so hard to attain. The nightmare of leaving it all behind has become your reality. So you grab a few plastic garbage bags and quickly shove in a variety of items. Pausing just long enough to think of the essentials your family will need wherever you land from this whirlwind of events.

Now imagine every morning at 5am a mother awakens in overflow shelter. Immediately to her right are her two small children who lay sleeping on a shelter cot. To her left, a series of plastic bags which contain an assortment of the family’s clothing and other valuable keepsakes she’s desperately trying to hold on to. Despite her most valiant efforts this mode of transporting their belongings is ineffective; even more so, embarrassing.   

The burden on a mother being homeless with her children is lofty enough on its own. Adding the weight of losing everything that she’s fought hard to maintain compounds the negative impact. As we aspire to eradicate homelessness on a systemic level, there are incremental actions we can take along the way. Dignity Duffels is a practical solution to one of the most common problems associated with transient living…plastic bags.

Please join us as we aspire to restore a bit of dignity to 100 families currently experiencing homelessness. 

the steps

30-inch rolling duffel bag- 
Will provide each homeless families with a dignified means of transporting their personal belongings without the embarrassment of carrying multiple garbage and/or grocery store bags.

Care Packages-
Each family will receive a care package filled with hygiene supplies and daily care essentials necessary to maintaining a sense of normalcy. Care Packages will also include snack items for consumption during the long wait in-between the 6am departure from-6:30pm arrival to a facility.

Luggage Locks w/ Key-
Helps protect personal items, including any sensitive documents and identification, from tampering or theft. 

why we're doing it

A Point-in-Time count taken in December 2016 revealed 377 Families were homeless in the City of Cleveland. During the same year, a local facility had to turn away 40-90 families, a night, seeking shelter. Fast forward to present day all shelter beds, including emergency shelter and overflow facilities, are filled to capacity. This means there are homeless families transitioning from one shelter to the next on a daily basis. Even more so, they have to transport their belongings in a series of garbage bags that easily tear or are vulnerable to tampering and theft.  


Disbursed Budget

Raised = $2,602.00

less ioby Platform Fee $35.00

less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $74.77

Total to disburse = $2,492.23

125 Care Packages

Original Budget

A trademark sign of homelessness is plastic bags; multiple plastic bags carrying everything from essentials to precious family mementos. Our response to this dilemma is to address the immediate need. We aspire to provide 100 families with items to make this time somewhat bearable:

$30- (x100) = 3,000 30inch drop bottom rolling duffle for the family’s belongings
$20- (x100) = 2,000 Care Package
$10- (x100) = 1,000 Luggage lock with key to ____________________________________________________________________

Project Subtotal =  $6,000

  ioby Platform Fee  $35

  ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $180

  Total to raise on ioby = $6,215


You just sparked CHANGE!

First, let me thank all of those who have joined our endeavor to #SparkChange in the homeless community. Your willingnes to #StandUP is admirable. You have my most sincere appreciation.

So here we are 4 days in and 30% closer to our goal. You all Rock!!!

Please continue to spread the word by telling others about your contribution, or sharing our link via social media, email, or text. The more Champions involved, the greater the Change we'll see. 

Warmest regards,
Kelly A. Jackson

"A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal." -Steve Maraboli



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