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the project


Our proposed initiative, The Developing Digital "Interest in Awesome!", aims to digitally transform and reimagine public spaces within Pontiac's natural installations and Reroot Pontiac's existing projects. By leveraging the potential of art, technology, and marketing, we aim to repurpose and reactivate these underutilized spaces for communal interaction and learning.

Through digital mediums, we will create an immersive, accessible simulation of these spaces. Community members and worldwide audience can virtually tour and interact with our natural installations, providing a unique opportunity to appreciate the potential of these underutilized spaces without physical limitations.

This project takes a placekeeping approach by digitally preserving and showcasing the ecological and cultural significance of Reroot Pontiac's efforts. Our storyboards, visual prototypes, and digital designs will encapsulate the essence of Pontiac's natural surroundings and our commitment to sustainable practices.

In addition, we plan to organize a series of virtual events and interactive sessions that invite community and government leaders to explore and reimagine the possibilities of these public spaces. Through these events, we will foster dialogue on sustainable adaptive reuse of public spaces, enhancing community connectivity and access to natural areas.

To address transit inequities, we will feature mobility prototypes in our digital simulations, such as bike shares and carpools, showing how they can be integrated into our community. This way, we bring attention to potential solutions for first/last mile transit issues.

Overall, this initiative connects digital technology with community engagement, reimagining our public spaces and infrastructure while promoting equitable access and environmental stewardship. Through this project, we hope to catalyze a radical reimagination of public infrastructure and spaces in Pontiac.

the steps


  • Pre-Project: Recruit interns and artists. Discuss the project's objectives and its alignment with the grant's guidelines, with a special focus on reimagining public spaces and infrastructure.
  • Week 1: Define the project timeline and detail out the plan for creating digital renditions of underutilized public spaces and Reroot's natural installations.
  • Week 2: Develop storyboards and visual prototypes for digital simulations and the upcoming virtual events. Begin sketching mobility prototypes to address transit inequities.
  • Week 3: Hold meetings for approval and refinement of designs. Solicit community and government leader input where possible to ensure the project resonates with local needs.
  • Week 4-8: Kickstart content creation and digital design. This includes development of immersive virtual tours, interactive sessions, and prototypes for sustainable transportation options.
  • Week 9: Review and refine the created digital content. Ensure accurate representation of public spaces and clear communication of potential improvements.
  • Week 10-11: Begin integrating finalized artwork and interactive elements into the digital platforms. Prepare for the launch of virtual events and interactive sessions.
  • Week 12: Launch the "Reimagine Reroot: A Digital Revitalization" project, along with the series of virtual events. Allocate this week for wrapping up any remaining tasks or addressing unexpected challenges.

This timeline ensures a structured execution of the project, meeting the objectives of reimagining public spaces and infrastructure while promoting community engagement and environmental stewardship. It enables us to allocate our resources effectively, aiming for maximum impact in line with the grant's guidelines.

why we're doing it

On a Macro scale, The Developing Digital "Interest in Awesome!", project revolutionizes the learning experience for all who engage with Reroot Pontiac. By transforming underutilized public spaces into engaging digital environments, we make knowledge more accessible to individuals of diverse age groups and learning styles. This digital shift allows local Pontiac residents, including a substantial BIPOC population, to discover and adopt sustainable practices in their homes and communities, thereby enhancing their quality of life and promoting a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness with the environment.

On a more focused level, our project opens the doors for more paid opportunities for local BIPOC professionals and interns. By participating in this project, they gain valuable experience working on comprehensive initiatives that not only make a difference in their community but also reimagine public spaces and infrastructure. This involvement directly aligns with the project's larger mission of fostering community development, sustainable practices, and equitable opportunities.


Final budget


  • $5000 - Content Development Costs: Paid Interns and Local BIPOC Artists
  • $500 - Software and content development equipment: 3D Landscape software + Adobe Software
  • $2000 - New on-site signs and information posts with (QR codes with 2D and 3D landscape visualizations) for the following areas:
  • $2322.08 - Patreon - Volunteer Support SWAG designed by local artist

TOTAL RAISED = $10,023.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (4%) $200.92

Original budget

  • $5000: Content Development Costs: Paid Interns and Local BIPOC Artists
    • Landscape Architect Majors
    • Web Developers
    • Visual Artists
    • Digital Graphic Artists
    • MKT Majors - Branding & Content Creators
  • $500: Software and content development equipment: 3D Landscape software + Adobe Software
  • $2000: New on-site signs and information posts with (QR codes with 2D and 3D landscape visualizations) for the following areas:
    • Reroot Pontiac Sign
    • Multicultural Garden Beds
    • Willow Area/ Prairie Garden
    • Biofiltration
    • Aquaponics
    • Green infrastructure landscape
    • Cultural Gathering Center
  • $2500: Patreon - Volunteer Support SWAG designed by local artists
    • Branded products (t-shirts, stickers, biodegradable You cards, Brochures, etc.)


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
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