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the project

Dementia Friendly Park will allow those with the disease to enjoy and feel safe in an outdoor space. Having a park that has specific needs for a person with the disease in Memphis would move our city closer to being a dementia-friendly city. Physical activity has many benefits for persons with Alzheimer’s or other related dementias. This can include better sleep, improved mood, and self-esteem. With support from IOBY and supporters in Memphis, ADS will be able to have a smooth walking path, electronic placards for additional learning for caregivers and activities and benches to rest on while walking.  

ADS would like to create a green space within Kennedy Park for Dementia Friendly Park for caregivers and their loved ones with the disease.  This space will be public for all to use but specifically for those who have dementia. The hope for the park is it will bring families together with their loved ones with dementia to spend more quality time with each other. Being outside in nature and exercising have multiple health benefits that the whole family can experience. Ideas for the park include sensory stations that would include sound, touch, and beauty.


the steps

First Step: Work with City and Park Services to get the project completed.

  1. Get an area designated next to Kennedy Park center.
  2. Plan design of the safe dementia-friendly area.
  3. Pave the walkways. 
  4. Improve the park greenery around the path by planting flowers and shrubs like butterfly bushes.
  5. Get with an electrician to wire for electricity for lights and electronic placards.
  6. Order Benches for walkway.
  7. Order electronic placards.
  8. Order lights for walkway.

The goal is to have this portion of the project completed within 6 months of receiving funding.

why we're doing it

Kennedy Park already has a dementia therapeutic day program located in the heart of the park. ADS is wanting to create an environment for those with dementia and their caregivers to enjoy what the park has to offer the public. There are many barriers for a person with dementia to access a park and safety concerns as well. Uneven paths or walkways, directional signs, better and more seating are just a few improvements that would need to take place to have a better experience for a person with dementia or for elderly park goers too.



Walkway 10,000

Lighting 5,000

Benches 2,000

Electronic Placards 2,500

Bird Houses 500


ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $620

TOTAL TO RAISE = $20,655


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