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the project

The event for the homeless veterans planned for July, 4, 2020 is to thank them for their service and sacrifice they made for this country. To uplift their spirit and let them know that people still care. The event for the low income families planned for July, 25, 2020 is to help families who've had it hard during this long pandemic and may not be able to purchase school supplies or backpacks for their children. It'll be a time to give the youth a chance to enjoy the outdoors.

the steps

Veterans event: July 3, 2020- shop for food, hygiene supplies, to go supplies

                             July 4, 2020 prepare food, put together hygiene bags, deliver food and bags

Backpacks and supplies giveaway for low-income families: July 24, 2020- shop for food, backpacks, school supplies including hand sanitizer 

                              July 25, 2020- prepare food, prepare back packs with supplies, relax in the park with the families

why we're doing it

Our Motivation and passion is to provide economic resources for low-income families. We provide multiple services for the community to help close the gap on those who are struggling to transition. We provide digital reentry services for those transitioning back into the society, and again we're here for the community and to provide economic resources and education to the community engagement with the community. 


We are currently working to host 2 events. The first event would be to feed the homeless veterans living in Dignity alcove shelter. We would also like to provide them with hygiene bags. Cost of food, hygiene supplies, and operating expenses including camera man comes to $2125.00. Second event is for low-income families and youth. We'd like to have a back to school back pack drive. The bags would come full of school supplies. At the event we would also like to also feed the youth and their families. Cost of this event comes to $2875.00. This price includes backpacks, supplies, food, cameraman, operating expenses.

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