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the project

On the 15th anniversary of Angelo Miller's tragic murder by an off-duty police officer, the Angelo Miller Foundation wants to continue our work of bringing people together for change with art, creativity and food for the community because that's what Angelo loved. We are memorializing him with our "Honk for Angelo Miller" event on March 26, 2022 at 4pm on the corner of 79th and Hough Ave where he unjustly lost his life. We will provide art supplies and a creative art space to honor his life, along with meals for the community in attendance. Please bring food or additional items if you can.

the steps

We will purchase the art supplies, food for the kids and families, and lodging and food for the families coming in from out of town, before the event on March 26th, 2022.

why we're doing it

For years, in Cleveland and across the country, our communities have faced a national epidemic of police and gun violence. With each tragedy, there's urgency to fight for justice and systemic change. For those who've grieved, there's an additional burden: each new episode can be re-traumatizing.

Black mothers in particular perform untold, unseen labor, not only to fight back, but to grieve, ensure the wellbeing of our families, and protect youth from a world that so often denies Black people their humanity.

The Angelo Miller Foundation formed to support young people and families that society has neglected for too long. We believe that those who have lost loved ones at the hands of the police deserve support and respect.  Our core activities include: Assisting the community with memorial and burial expenses, providing spaces for healing and conducting peer-to-peer youth and community outreach to build leadership for long-term policy change.


Disbursed budget on 04.18.22:

TOTAL RAISED = $1,714.00
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$3000 - art supplies to decorate cars for the Honk For Angelo and for his decorative memorial

$500 - Lunchables, juice, chips for 100 kids In the neighborhood 

$500 - Sandwiches, pop, chips for 100 adults in the neighborhood 

$1000 - We have some out-of-town Mothers and family we want to make comfortable for a night and a light meal for the day


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