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the project

Eco Artivism is an arts leadership program engaging community using the power of multidisciplinary arts to inspire transformation in how we care for our planet. 

We are a group of dance artists based on unceded Ohlone territory in the Bay Area, committed to movement-based performance, ritual, and practice as a means of building collective liberation and care for the Earth and all beings. As an interracial, intercultural group, many of us bearing mixed lineages, we value the diverse interweaving of our heritages, practices, and movement histories as a mirror of healthy biodiversity found in thriving ecosystems. Our work grounds itself in the embodiment of Earth wisdom, ancestral wisdom, and imaginative wisdom. We understand this work of restoring our sacred, embodied relationship to the Earth as a core part of the cultural transformation required for the end to settler colonialism, white supremacy, capitalism, and heteropatriarchy. 

Last year, with the generous support of YBCA, we received $10,000 to kickstart our Eco Artivism program. Now, as we continue with a second round of initiatives and prepare to infuse our learnings from the Mexico tour into our work, we need your help to keep the momentum going. Your contributions will directly support our next cycle of Eco Artivism arts leadership, ensuring that our program can thrive for seasons to come. We’re raising another $10,000 to procure 5 BIPOC artist stipends, expand our training, create sustainability for our participation in National Water Dances this April, and future engagements around the Bay Area.

Ready to make a difference? Join us in our mission by contributing to our 10K fundraiser goal  through IOBY.  Every dollar goes straight into fueling our Eco Artivism dreams.

the steps

Once we have reached our goal we can:

  • Spring - Fall 2024: Initiate the next season of trainings with our 5 BIPOC Eco-Artivist cohort members, offering stipends to support these Bay Area artists for their time, energy, and dedicated leadership.
  • April 2024: Offer an open Community event including workshop, performance, and creative gathering for National Water Dance on April 20th outdoors at the bayshore park known as The Bulb in Albany. This will include creative educational opportunities for community to explore connection with our local watershed as well as the waters alive in their own embodied memory and imagination! 
  • Spring - Fall 2024: Have support for future engagements and invitations in the Bay Area (local schools, universities, festivals, parks, etc), as well as potential participation in Dancing Earth's 20th anniversary Summer Institute in New Mexico 

why we're doing it

As artists we understand that shifts in the cultural, political, behavioral, and ethical start with change inspired in our hearts and our minds. We beckon this shift through the emotional, multi-sensory, ancestral, spiritual, and imaginal, through performance rituals and movement offerings engaging story, vulnerability, intimacy, and connection. Dancing Earth (DE) (including this project) employs an intergenerational model of collective artist and community-led programming to create environments/experiences that embody the unique essences of cultural perspectives and reimagined artistic counter-cultural movement rituals, while shifting dominant society’s understanding of diasporic identity. 

The Eco Artivism training modules are offered by Rulan Tangen center on the teachings of her newest body of work, Eco Elegies.  At the core of this work are the contemporary expressions of ancient cosmologies, the interweaving of multiple cultures, language, and themes; honoring the sovereign choice of each collaborating artist, especially what and how to share; and the ecological themes which are resonant in their own unique way to each person.

Eco Elegies/Eco Artivism as bridged into community responds uniquely to the ecosystem it is being offered in–responding to time, place, and people, centering the principle of diversity and uplifting embodied wisdoms from the forces of nature and our own bodies. Each ritual is an immersive journey that invites audiences to become active participants in re-connecting to themselves, eachother, and the world, summoning in love, gratitude, wonder and compassion for every life form as part of a sacred ecosystem. 

We’re centering BIPOC collaborators carrying mixed identities (such as ancestry, gender and more) as humans of the “in-between/liminal space” of creation, able to call upon multiplicities and complex relations within/around self, as cooperative strands of creation that remind us as humans of our part as caretakers of this planet.

“Can embodiment, movement and ritual of contemporary dance reveal how to love the worlds around us, between us, and within us? What are the ancient waters that flow between? Can we continue to experience reciprocity by giving and receiving breath? What is the biodiversity of the soil we root in?”

“We find love and understanding of these eco-systemic multiverses in elegiac fullness of grief, sorrow, loss, fear, anger and desire for transformation, hope, and renewal - to become liberated by embracing the interactive purpose and connection of every life form including the fullness of humanity within this sacred cosmos.” - Rulan Tangen, Founding Artistic Director


5 Artists Stipends - $7,500

Cultural Honorariums - $500

Supplies, Meals, Community Workshops, Travel/Commute, Space - $2,000


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 8% $909.09
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $454.55
TOTAL TO RAISE $11,363.64



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