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Frederick K
80-30 Park Lane
Queens (All over the great boro of Queens)
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the project

We will be distributing free 911 Daffodil Bulbs to all groups that have signed up in advance. We usually give each group some hand tools, such as shovels and trowels, to make planting easier. We are planning to purchase 200 handtools to give to participating groups.

the steps

We will purchase the hand tools in advance and offer them to groups when they come to pick up their bulbs on October 15, 2012. This was a great help last year and helping groups in planting over 25,000 bulbs in Queens.

why we're doing it

The Daffodil Project is a tribute to those who perished on 9/11. More into is available at

This project is designed to give groups bulbs to be planted in public areas so all can see them and remember those who perished on 9/11.


200 hand tools = $200.00

(Bulbs are supplied free to groups)

Third party credit card processing (3%) = $6

Total to raise = $206.00


Thank you message from the project leader!


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