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the project

Culture Clash is a transformative platform with a noble vision of engaging and empowering young people worldwide by providing them with a positive platform to explore dance, foster unity, and promote peace. The primary goal of Culture Clash is to empower young people by providing them with an avenue to channel their energy into a constructive and creative pursuit. By embracing dance as a form of expression, the project seeks to keep the youth away from violence and negative influences, providing them with an alternative means of self-expression and growth.

Culture Clash aims to break down cultural barriers and foster understanding and appreciation among participants from different parts of the world. Through the medium of dance, the event promotes cultural exchange, celebrating the uniqueness of various dance styles while highlighting the common thread of human expression that unites us all.

By inviting the best dancers from around the world, Culture Clash offers a unique opportunity for participants to learn from accomplished professionals. Workshops, competitions, judging sessions, seminars, panel discussions and showcases create a dynamic learning environment that encourages skill development, growth, and exchange of dance techniques and styles.

The platforms aims to bring together dancers from diverse styles, such as K-pop, breakdance, and all styles, uniting them in a celebration of cultural exchange and artistic expression.

the steps

1. Initiate a global talent recruitment process to find the best dancers from around the world. Conduct auditions, review dance portfolios, and consider recommendations from reputable dance communities to select the participants.

2. Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote the "Culture Clash" platform across different channels, including social media, dance forums, and relevant media outlets.

3. Organize workshops led by the participating dancers, focusing not only on dance techniques but also on the cultural significance and history of each style. These workshops will provide a unique opportunity for youth to learn from the best and gain a deeper understanding of different cultures.

4. Assemble a diverse and experienced judging panel, comprising renowned dancers, choreographers, and cultural experts. The judges will evaluate the performances during the showcases and provide constructive feedback to the participants.

5. Host showcases where dancers from different styles perform and compete. These events will be open to the public, attracting dance enthusiasts, youth, and families from various communities.

6. Integrate messages promoting non-violence, cultural understanding, and respect into the workshops and showcases. Emphasize the role of dance as a form of expression that can channel emotions positively and constructively.

7. Create a strong online presence for the Culture Clash platform through social media, website, and other digital platforms. This will help in reaching a wider audience, raising awareness about the project's goals, and showcasing the performances to a global audience.

8. After the events, evaluate the project's success and impact on the participating dancers and the target audience. Use feedback from participants, attendees, and partners to improve future editions of the Culture Clash platform.

9. Develop a sustainable plan to keep the Culture Clash platform running beyond the initial events. Explore opportunities for further expansion, including establishing annual or biennial editions, cultural exchange programs, and partnerships with educational institutions.

why we're doing it

Culture Clash aims to address several social, economic, and environmental issues in our neighborhood or city, making a positive impact on the community. Here's how our project tackles these problems:

  1. Social Problem: Youth Violence and Crime Many neighborhoods and cities face challenges related to youth violence and crime. Culture Clash offers a positive and constructive outlet for young individuals who might otherwise be at risk of getting involved in violence or criminal activities. By engaging them in dance and creative expression, we redirect their energy towards a more productive and fulfilling path, promoting self-discipline, teamwork, and emotional well-being.

  2. Economic Problem: Lack of Opportunities for Underprivileged Youth In some areas, underprivileged youth struggle to access opportunities that can lead to personal and economic growth. Our dance platform is designed to be inclusive, welcoming participants from diverse backgrounds, regardless of their financial situation. We provide free or affordable dance classes, workshops, and performances, giving these young individuals a chance to develop their talent and skills, potentially opening doors to future careers in the arts and related industries.

  3. Environmental Problem: Community Engagement and Cohesion Culture Clash acts as a unifying force in the community. Through dance events, workshops, and performances, we bring people from different backgrounds together, fostering a sense of belonging and promoting cross-cultural understanding. This unity and connectedness can lead to increased environmental consciousness and collaborative efforts to address local environmental challenges like waste management, green initiatives, and sustainable practices.

Our Team's Motivation and Passion: The driving force behind Culture Clash  is the unwavering belief in the transformative power of the arts, particularly dance, to create positive change in the lives of young individuals and their communities. Our team is passionate about making a difference and empowering the youth to realize their potential beyond the limitations imposed by their circumstances.

We have personally witnessed the detrimental effects of youth violence, economic inequality, and social disconnection in our neighborhood or city. Instead of being passive observers, we choose to be proactive change agents. Dance has been a source of inspiration and empowerment in our own lives, and we are committed to sharing its benefits with others.

Our team comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds in dance, education, community development, and social work. We are united by a common goal: to create a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment where young people can express themselves creatively and develop life skills that will serve them well beyond the dance floor.

In summary, Culture Clash not only addresses social, economic, and environmental issues in our neighborhood or city, but it also represents a beacon of hope, love, and unity. Through our passion, dedication, and shared vision, we strive to be the catalyst for positive change and inspire the next generation to build a brighter and more harmonious future for themselves and their communities.


Venue (rent, security, equipment, insurance etc.) - $8,000

Artists fees (judges, DJ, Hosts, performers) - $9,000

Winners' prizes and trophies - $8,000

Artist Transportation (flights, gas, etc.) - $12,000

Artist Accommodation and a per diem - $7,000

Media (video, photo, promotion etc.) - $6,000

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 8% N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $2,083.33
TOTAL TO RAISE $52,083.33

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