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the project

Marine Park Alliance wishes to increase its multicultural programs through the winter of 2022. This series will include a Festival of Lights, honoring the cultures of the people who use the park and how they celebrate this time of year with the longest nights. The sessions will include Diwali, Chanukah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. Additionally, we will hold a Winter Cultural Events series in the park. These sessions will include Chinese New Year, Black History Month, Women's History Month, Marine Park History, and more. 

the steps

1. Contact presenters and specialists

2. Create a calendar of events

3. Print and publicize the calendar

4. Prepare supplies and outreach before each session

5. Execute each session

6. After each session, follow up with attendees and obtain feedback online

why we're doing it

There is a strong need to represent and recognize the diverse people who use Marine Park in ways that have not been done before. We are at the point in the pandemic where we can come together as a community to reconnect and celebrate each other. Parks provide a place for solace and recreation, fostering mental and physical health. We believe that diverse cultural programming is the right step to creating a more inclusive, welcoming park community for everyone to participate.


We would like to raise $5,000 for specialists (local Brooklyn artists, historians, etc.), decorations and supplies, video documentation to provide access to the programs online, and social media and community outreach.

$500 for lighting

$500 for decorations and supplies

$1,000 for a social media and community outreach specialist

$1,000 for video documentation of the programs, making them accessible online


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