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the project

WeRadiate and Wakoma are collaborating to create a novel social learning platform of hands-on activities and lessons to build stronger resilient communities across New York State connecting themes of Healthy Food, Healthy Soil, and Healthy Communities. We plan to provide hands-on training, offer workshops from professionals, and deliver in-person lessons for community members to strengthen food quality and enhance soil health.

the steps

- Create hands-on course curriculum with engaging lessons & activities

- Locate and onboard community gardens and community compost sites for on-site student engagement 

- Promote the opportunity for New Yorkers to participate in this eLearning platform 

- Set-up website, educational content, and resources for this initial cohort 

- Run 4 - 6 week program for this pilot cohort and receive feedback to improve future course cohorts

why we're doing it

We believe Good Soil makes healthy plants I Good soil makes strong communities I Good soil makes our city ecologically strong

These interconnections are from the ground up and we look forward to engaging our community and communities across New York State with hands-on guidance and support for ecological restoration and community health. Let's Radiate Together!


Course Development for Education Programming: $3,000

Outreach & Community Marketing: $750

Stipends for Lecturers: $2,000

Software Development & Web Hosting: $2,000

Local Travel: $500

Contracted Services: $1,250

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 8% $861.68
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $215.42
TOTAL TO RAISE $10,770.98

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