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Join the Culinary Kids on the beach this Labor Day weekend!

the project

The Farm Rockaway Project will address the environment by teaching: Self-Sustainability, Urban Agriculture, Tree stewardship, Rainwater harvesting, Composting, Vermiculture, Reconditioning of Soils.

the steps

Self-Sustainability & Urban Agriculture-by planting the crops and harvesting. Tree stewardship-Our summer youth will be attending to the 1300 trees from the Million trees project that Mayor Bloomberg has implemented. Rainwater harvesting-We will be ready for a lot of rain! Composting-Getting our hands on all of the scraps we can find and put them together and the rest is history!

why we're doing it

Self-Sustainability- by planting crops, harvesting and seed-saving, we can become self-sustainable to a large degree. Urban Agriculture-helps by farming on land that is almost pristine as opposed to overtilled land which is mainly in the south. By diversifying your options, in comes urban agriculture-the future of food growing. Tree stewardship-The more trees that are planted, the more pollutants are taken out of the air. Rainwater harvesting-by catching the rainwater, and holding it in catchment, it can be used to water crops and save on municipal water. Composting-will be utilized in the reconditioning of the land.


"Tool shed $1,000.00 Home Depot
Generator $1,200.00 Home Depot
1 Wind Turbines (for Solar Energy) $800.00 Home Depot
TOTAL $3,000.00


Join the Culinary Kids on the beach this Labor Day weekend!

Our friends at the Culinary Kids are having a Seafood Bash this Labor Day weekend!


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