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the project

The Crystal Gardens will be a pop up 360 immersive healing space experience playing off of the 5 senses. The purpose of this experience is to focus on the mental health of the youth in our community while providing access to positive coping mechanisms on the journey of healing. 


  • Sight: Each garden will be decorated based on the hues of each crystal  (Ex: Amethyst-Purple Room, Citrine-Yellow room, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz)
  • Sound/Hearing: In each garden, attendees will have access to noise cancellation headphones. The channels available to the attendees to begin their journey of healing will consist of I Am Affirmations, meditation, and a curated playlist.
  • Smell: Each garden will have a different aromatherapy candle scent specifically created to calm the mind, body & spirit.
  • Feel/Touch: There will be crystals available for attendees to have & reuse them on their journey to healing. Attendees will also have access to guided self care journals with prompts that can be worked on within the gardens.
  • Taste: Partnering with a local tea business, tailored blends of tea will be available in each garden while aiding in the relaxation process. 

the steps

  • Schedule Creative events to be hosted within the Gardens through community partners. (art classes, yoga & meditation sessions, writing workshops, crystal wrapping classes and more!)
  • Marketing Campaign-Create buzz around the city while reaching the target audience from multiple platforms and channels. 
  • Build out roughly 1-3 months of the intentional build out of the gardens. 
  • Develop materials to be used within the gardens- (self care journals & prompts for the attendees as well as other resources to self care)

why we're doing it

When I was a teenager growing up in inner city Cleveland I experienced and witnessed people within my community not having the proper tools to understand the journey of healing. As a result we would often engage in negative coping skills that would cause us harm ourselves or others within the community. Recently I had the opportunity to work as a teaching artist to work with the Center For Arts Inspired Learning, where I mentored youth in grades 10th -12th on the art of upcycling. The kids were creatively brilliant but were absolutely in need of a space that is dedicated solely to them. I want the Crystal Gardens to facilitate that very experience. Supporting self regulation development in youth is an investment in society as it predicts higher income, better financial planning, fewer risks like substance use & violence. Teaching the youth about meditation and crystals will help give them healthy tools that they can use to deal with problems for the rest of their life. These crystals and rituals will help them establish a sense of calm and a greater sense of self as they develop and  figure out who they are.


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $543
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
  • Development of Gardens: $3,000
  • Space Rental $3,500
  • Professional Staff: $1,500
  • Marketing: $500
  • Materials for the Gardens & Workshops $1,500


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