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Brinkley Road near Hwy 96
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the project

Help us create a safer street-crossing experience with crosswalk flags! Brinkly Road is a very busy street that divides our two small neighborhoods. By creating a safer way to cross this street, we can all enjoy more miles walking, jogging, and biking. We want to purchase and install 2 crosswalk flag buckets and temporary crosswalk paint lines to help us get across the street safely and more visibly.

Who can benefit? Everyone! Our neighborhoods have an intergenerational mix of residents including

  • families with young children,
  • retirees,
  • youth, and
  • dog-walking enthusists

With gyms and other indoor exercise opportunities limited during the pandemic this holiday season, this inexpensive and temporary solution will more than double the walking and biking routes we can all access to keep moving and to keep healthy during this winter season.

the steps

  • Raise our funds
  • Purchse supplies
  • Assemble crosswalk buckets and flags
  • Print and laminate signs
  • Mount buckets
  • Paint temporary street crossing lines


why we're doing it

Brinkley Road used to be a quite stretch of road but with the city expanding it has become a through-street that many cars and large SUVs use to access the new amentities, shopping, and schools in the area. It is especially busy because of it's proximity to Highway 96. The speedlimit is 45 mph and cars traveling on Brinkly frequently exceed this speed. There is a slight curve in the road from one direction and a dip in the road from the other. These conditions, plus the high speeds of cars coming off of Hwy 96, can make street crossing dangerous and deter residents from accessing additional walking paths just across the street. 

By creating more visibility, for families with small children and retirees in particular, we hope to encourage more physical activity for our neighbors. 



4 five gallon buckets for cross walk flags 

PVC piping, cut into 4 foot segments, enough for 8 flag poles

8 weather resistant 2'x2' orange flags

laminated signs with instructions

zip ties and other fastening materials

chalk paint for a temporary sidewalk crossing



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