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Food Partners

the project

The Crooked River Exploration Camp is product of the partnership developed between Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation (OBCDC) and Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP).   This camp is a 5 day outdoor camp that explores the nature within the Old Brooklyn neighborhood and Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  Children between 1st-6th grade will have a CVNP summer camp experience without having to leave their neighborhood. 


Thanks to the hard work between OBCDC and CVNP, the camp was developed in a way to make it affordable and accessible to families in Old Brooklyn.  The cost of the camp is $125 for the week.  There are scholarships available to participate in this camp.  Campers will explore Old Brooklyn for 3 days and CVNP for 2 days.   Transportation will be provided from our meeting location, James Fords Rhodes High School.  


Included in the cost of the camp is lunch and snacks. In an effort to keep the prices affordable we are hoping to have help from the community to cover the cost of lunches.   Our goal is provide lunch for all campers and staff associated with the camp.  Additional funds raised would go into the development of the 2019 camp.


the steps

1. Currently we are reaching out to neighborhood businesses that might be able to provide lunches for the camp.  We are looking for full-on sponsorships or a reduction in price in order to allow us to stretch the budget.  Our goal is to have sponsorships/orders in by 8/3/18.


2. If we are unable to secure a sponsor by 8/3/18, we are arranging a group of volunteers to help with the lunches.  We will provide sandwiches, snacks, and refreshments.   We will make arrangements to have all supplies needed for pick up from Save-a-Lot.   We will pay for the food and supplies needed.


3. Lunches will be provided on 8/6, 8/7, and 8/10.   8/10 is going to be a pizza party and we have made contact already with local pizza chains.   



why we're doing it

OBCDC and CVNP developed this camp and partnership for numerous reasons.  CVNP has always had strong partnerships with schools in Akron area, but have had struggles with school participation from Cleveland area schools.   They have worked to increase their outreach in the area, often participating in many local community events.   Many Cleveland families don’t even realize how close the park is to their home. 


OBCDC wanted to develop this camp, because often camps that are offered in the summer can be rather expensive and may not provide financial assistance options.  We felt it was important to develop a camp that affordable and accessible.  We hope that this experience allows campers to see their neighborhood in a different light and to see that beyond our city there are many places to explore, such as our amazing National Park, just 25 minutes away. OBCDC asked that the camp take place in the neighborhood in order to families to have access to such an opportunity.  There are not many of them available in Old Brooklyn.   


We hope that this camp is the first of many more for youth in our neighborhood and the surrounding areas.  



Disbursed Budget 8.8.18

Raised = $802.00
less ioby Platform Fee waived
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $23.36
Total to Disburse = $778.64
50-65 lunches over the course of 3 days: $500
Cleaning supplies (trash bags, gloves, hand soap, santizer, etc.): $100
Special Dietary needs budget: $100
Costs for next year's camp $78.64


Original Budget

50-65 lunches over the course of 3 days: $500

Cleaning supplies (trash bags, gloves, hand soap, santizer, etc.): $100

Special Dietary needs budget: $100

Subtotal = $700
ioby Platform Fee  waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $21
Total to raise = $721




Food Partners

Last week we were able to secure a couple of food partners to help us with sandwiches and pizza at a discount rate.  This will go into stretching our budget out even more and working towards next year's camp.

Thank you all for generous donations thus far.  

-Carlos Laboy-


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