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the project

Crock of Love is a passion project fueled by the need to end food insecurity and lack of culinary programming and life skills for the youth of our community. I aim to help the youth build skills to share the love of cooking with others and build self reliance and self esteem. Many of the youth I serve can be systematically forgotten. They need community support to know we care and give the attention they are craving. Crock of Love provides a community space where all are welcome and given personal attention to build a specific skill (home cooking) which is becoming more and more rare. 

This offers the chance to help out family. The youth can take the skills home and share the ability to make foods from scratch to save money, provide healthy food choices, and help support the family with the ability to cook meals and take some pressure off parents. Many of the youth involved have not been indroduced to flavors we use in class. Each week the class embarks on a journey to introduce new textures and flavors while sticking close to the edge of common foods kids love. Everything we do is homemade. 

The class has provided excitement and the youth can be heard around the neighborhood professing how they would love to pursue a culinary career. Hearing this exitement melts my heart. Giving hope and support is the focus of the classes. When I adminster the program, I also set up a secondary event. I have had community members add even more love by offering a Poetry Slam Class, an art class where a banner was made to express why the kids love to cook, along with open gym, motivational speeches, and more. There will be much more to come with community support. 

the steps

Every 2-3 weeks (depending on funding) I will teach a cooking class for 30 youth and the kids get to eat the food we make that night. 

The class is 2 hours on Friday nights

There is a safe house under construction through the East Price Hill Family Youth Inititive (FYI) and Price Hill Will where space will also be available for Crock of Love to provide more classes

I am currently paying for all supplies out of my own pocket and providing the classes. The funding will help provide more classes and more opportunities for skill building for the youth

why we're doing it

Crock of Love will help solve social, economic, and environmental problems in our neighborhood. I am implementing this program with support from local community gardens and other passionate community members. The youth involved are staying off the street where they can fall victim to the wrong path. They are giving back by being involved in providing for the community, learning about sustainability, learning how to clean up after themselves, learning accountability, and how to enjoy something that could be considered a chore. My hope is the love and attention to the youth during our time together will enhance empathy and help build realtionships that will lead the kids to a future of gainful employment, opportunities, and a road to empowerment and success. The youth are our future and our future community leaders. It is our responsibility to help be the village that stokes the fire of their interests. 



One hundred percent of my budget will go to groceries and equipment for the classes



TOTAL RAISED = $850.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $25.50



12 months of groceries 

Cost of Equipment needed (Knives, cutting boards, aprons, pans, hot plates, general cooking supplies)

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $54



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