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the project

The Jose Alba Bodega Worker calamity is a current event case study of a city that is out of control and crime is a serious issue faced by hard-working New Yorkers and Small Businesses.   The citywide crime rate has accelerated significantly from May 2021 to May 2022.  NYPD records show that Burglary is up at 28.3%, Robbery at 26.2% Grand Larceny at 42.1%, and females are vulnerable to violence and no longer safe to walk in the streets with rape up at 37.7%.    Other citywide estimates studies can conclude higher in numbers.   Worse, Washington Heights and Harlem's statistics are much higher than the citywide averages.   Mr. Alba's incident is an example that the law and justice and even public officials in Northern Manhattan are not on the side of crime victims.  No public official from Harlem or Washington Heights, Inwood, and Marble Hill visited Mr. Alba in prison or failed to defend him.  In the incident, Mr. Alba was stabbed and injured by the deceased aggressor's significant other, and no arrest or criminal charges were filed against her.  

it was because of public pressure from community leaders, political opposition, and concerned citizens with empathy that the charges were dismissed.  Thank God that the incident was recorded.  As an event that call for a strategic plan for law enforcement to protect small businesses from violence, petty theft, intimidation, and robbery.  Currently, about 80% of small businesses in Washington Heights have experienced violence.    Very few of these violent encounters against small businesses are reported by the main street media.   The Marte Bodega at 362 Audubon Avenue in Washington Heights on August 9, 2021, started with violence inside a bodega and ended with three innocent bystanders shot in the street.  

This project is a call to take back our neighborhoods from violent criminals.  We need to stand up for what is right and fight for what is wrong!  

the steps

The set of steps needed to accomplish the project objectives:

1.  Alliance with local police precinct so they are aware of the funds allocated for this program.  

2. Citizen Alert Application to learn of events occurring in real-time

3.  Local newspapers and 1010 Wins Radio

4. Approach the victim and identify a basic need that is covered by the conditions of this project

5.  If qualify and victims ask for help, we can prepare a program that will be a helping hand.

6.  Document all assistance offers, declines, and acceptance by victims  for future case studies and program expansion 

7.  Keep all receipts and documentation in safe storage.  

why we're doing it

Why are we launching this project?   We are driven by empathy and "we the people" do not have a second choice but to get involved in helping to solve problems that are for the government to solve. Our only way to bring back a safe city is to support law enforcement and to adopt good neighbor actions to take care of ourselves.  This is not political, it is a practical solution to protect our communities.  



$300 - printing and design of bilingual literature promoting this project

$9,700 - funds to support victims of crime in Harlem and Washington Heights. Some examples include: 

  • Personal items stolen during robbery, such as metro card, DMV license, watches, chains, bracelets...etc
  • Victims of Rape psychotherapy Expenses
  • Crime related stolen mobile phone replacement

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $535
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $160



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