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Download and Share Create the Vote Coloring Pages

the project

Update: We're fully funded for our initial offering and distributing coloring kits this week. Additional funds will be used to distribute more coloring pages!

Art on the Streets is making it easy to get information about voting in 2020.

Coloring pages created by local artists make it fun for everyone to share the how, when, and where of voting in the time of COVID.

Our coloring kits include two pages, crayons, and glue dots to share the creative campaign with the world (or at least your neighbors).

Kids and adults can color the artwork and use the removable glue dots to display their creativity in a window!

Two girls stand next to a window where their coloring pages are displayed.

Each coloring page will include a QR code and website to direct voters to information about registering, requesting and completing a mail-in ballot, voting early, and finding the correct polling place.

the steps

We've done coloring kits before so we know how to do this! Earlier this year, we worked with artists to create coloring pages for a 'Stay Home Save Lives' campaign during the COVID shutdown and a Census participation campaign in partnership with the City of Cincinnati and Camp cARTwheel.

First, we'll engage two local artists to create coloring pages for us. We already have a small grant to cover one artist and we're raising the funds for the second. We always pay the artists!

Next, we'll order the coloring kit materials: crayon boxes (we have a great source!), removable glue dots, and paper bags to put it all in.

We've already started recruiting our distribution partners—like school meal programs, housing development managers, local community centers, libraries, park managers, etc.

Then we add the QR code and voter info website information to the artist coloring pages and take them to our printer.

Finally we put all the kits together and contact the media to get the word out about where people can get the kits.

And then we help with distribution of the kits in a safe and healthy way.

We love spotting coloring pages in the windows of our neighborhoods!

why we're doing it

We're big on artist-led campaigns for civic engagement and equitable policymaking.

Voting is step one for engaging the community in advocating for policies that address their priority goals.

In 2020, voting is complicated and new for everyone because of COVID. Everyone is encouraged to vote by mail or to 'early-vote' if they can. 

Our coloring-kit campaign provides the information people need to find out how to take these unfamiliar voting steps — and for those who vote on election day, we will make sure they can find their polling place easily.

We believe that sometimes information is most effectively shared by family members and neighbors, rather than from officials or a bureaucratic source. When kids bring coloring kits home, the creative approach brings attention to information in a whole, new way! And coloring pages in windows are eye-catching for passers-by and visitors, so we put the website and QR code there to make it simple for neighbors to follow up too.



581 1000 paper bags and glue dots
252.04 1000 boxes of crayons
1000 artists
129 Copies
700 research
775 packaging and distribution
Total $3437.04

TOTAL RAISED = $3,179.00 $3,179.00
ioby Platform Fee waived $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $95.37 $94.32
TOTAL TO DISBURSE= $3,083.63 $3,049.68


$320 1000 paper bags

$230 1000 sheets of glue dots

$175 1000 boxes of crayons

$600 Artists

$200 2000 copies of coloring pages

$700 Research

$775 Packaging and distribution

ioby Platform Fee waived $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
$46 $46
TOTAL TO RAISE = $3,046 $3,081
Donation processing fees apply to donations only. Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised and amount of match funding applied to this campaign.    



Download and Share Create the Vote Coloring Pages

You can download the coloring pages now! 

Click here.

The pages come with instructions for voting—no matter where you are. Please share!

Thanks everyone!




Our campaign is almost complete! With just a few more donations, we will be able to start distributing Create the Vote coloring kits! 

Share or give now if you can.

In the meantime, you can download one of the coloring pages, from artist Lizzy Duquette, here.


We're Getting Noticed!

We are so excited to share that several national organizations are featuring our Create the Vote campaign!

Yesterday, the national leader in creative placemaking, funder consortium ArtPlace America, featured our coloring pages on their blog! 

In a post titled Coloring Outside the Lines, Sarah Westlake wrote: "How do communities share important health and civic messages during a pandemic? Creatively, with artists." 

Read the whole post: Click here.

Also, our friends at U.S. Department of Arts and Culture and Arts & Democracy co-presented a webinar: We Decide: Arts, Culture, and Voting Power, and shared our materials.






On Our Way!

Thanks to you all—we crossed the first hurdle and have more than 25% of the funds we need for this creative community voting initiative!

And one of our favorite artists sent us this artwork today—check out Lizzy DuQuette’s coloring page!



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