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Art supplies galore

the project

We want to create more jobs for Detroit youth this year, and pay them to create art and art activities for our communities. We want to create more free Art in the Parks arts and craft sessions for hundreds of children this year.  

And we want our Paint Detroit with Generosity project - which pays youth to create original paintings that Mint gifts to other local nonprofits - to be bigger and more beautiful than ever this year. 

Our youth also will learn mosaic making, lithography and animation this summer, with your support and donations.

the steps

We will plan business of art workshops and other special activities for our youth workers. We will buy art supplies, and renew our Zoom membership.  And we will prepare for Orientation, which includes improvisation lessons from the Detroit Creativity Project!

why we're doing it

We do this to provide equitable employment opportunities and creative jobs that are meaningful in Detroit. And we want to share art and arts and crafts throughout Detroit, for children and youth of all ages and socio-economic groups.  

We know the power of art to improve fine motor skills, compassion and empathy - and grade point averages.  Eventually, children who had art or music classes were far more likely to become a CEO or research scientists with patents to their credit, Michigan State University researchers found.

And we know that Detroit children and youth deserve joyful activities and meaningful, creative work.


Youth artists and interns could earn close to $30,000 with Mint Artists Guild this summer.  But we still need your help to cover some of our costs, including these:

- Teaching artists and youth leader stipends  $1,700

- Art supplies and materials                    $1,300

- Project and program planning / development $1,200

- Technology tools                                            $390.10

This is a partial list and does not include all of our costs. So if we land the matching funds or more donations, we will use it to pay for our leaders' time and talents, insurance, marketing materials - and a field trip to some creative spaces in Detroit.



  Normal Fees Waived Fees
TOTAL RAISED =  $4,660.00 $4,660.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $233.00 $233.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $69.90 $69.90
TOTAL TO DISBURSE= $4,590.10 $4,590.10


Art supplies galore

We are buying art supplies. Then buying more.  And more.  Preparing for 19 artists to work for Mint means a lot of purchases of paint, canvas, glue for mosaics and more.  

Our first stop always is Arts & Scraps, which is also a nonprofit on Detroit's East Side. We picked up a lot of paint brushes. They also provide us plenty of arts and crafts supplies, which thankfully is funded by the MSUFU Desk Drawer Fund and the Detroit Pistons, among others.

Then we hit up dollar stores - yes, they have reasonable supplies of smaller canvases.  Amazon plays a bit part but one of the starring roles always goes to  donations from artists. This year, artist Rosemary Summers delivered a LOT of paint, thanks to her collector Cynthia Williams.

It truly takes a village to outfit these young Detroit artists this year. So please chip in a few dollars for the home stretch of our fundraiser - and the final few supplies for our team!


Hiring youth artists

Mint hits the home stretch for hiring creative youth.  We will hold a last round of job interviews, still conducted on Zoom. Then we check references and make all offers for the Mint Creative Summer Jobs program by Friday.  This is the GDYT deadline for hiring and ours.

This is later than usual, and yet we hear from other nonprofits that youth engagement goes more slowly now. Everything takes longer in a pandemic or when you're seeking the next Picasso!

And we involve youth leaders in the recruiting, interviewing and hiring.  Their perspectives are essential - and they develop new skills as they ask questions and consider candidates. 

We will share results of our recruiting in future posts. Until then, thank you for your support.



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