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Crash Detroit is a free, annual music festival first launched in 2014 by musicians from the Detroit Party Marching Band and members of the Detroit community. For a Friday and Saturday each summer, a collection of America’s most acclaimed street bands and performers come together to delight the community with music, dancing, arts, crafts, and youth engagement.

Street bands are un-amplified ensembles with the power to surprise and inspire their audiences, bringing life to the spaces where they perform. Crash Detroit brings this power to the city, encouraging the community to revel in the joyous sounds and movements found in street band culture and music. In total, over 9,500 people have attended just the Saturday festivals, experiencing different brass bands from around the country—many having made Crash Detroit their first-ever Detroit appearance.

Crash Detroit is part of Crash Detroit Productions a recently minted 50c3 non-profit! 


Crash Night

Friday July 19. At various businesses across Detroit

In the evening of Friday July 20st, attending bands will “Crash” Detroit by roving the city and surprising audiences at local bars, businesses, and public spaces with impromptu performances. While the performances will be spontaneous, audience members can catch up with the performers as hints to locations will be released the day before and are live tweeted throughout Friday night.


Festival Day

Saturday July 20. Daytime at Clark Park. Nighttime at the Old Miami

The main festival, held on Saturday afternoon in Clark Park, features sets from each band, food and drinks from local trucks and establishments, and fun for everybody in attendance. With the Youth Crash Corps initiative, kids and adults can make their own instruments on-site and join in on spontaneous DIY parades. At 9pm, the festival will transition from Clark Park to a ticketed event at Old Miami. 

Crash Detroit will feature local and national street bands. Visit or the Facebook event for the full schedule of performances.


Crash in the Cut

Sunday July 21. Daytime at Dequindre Cut Freight Yard

In coordination with the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, celebrations will roll on through Sunday afternoon, July 21nd, inside the Dequindre Cut Greenway with performances at the Freight Yard. Crash Detroit is excited to expand the festival into this creative, colorful, and unique space showcasing the work of local artists and partners.



Crash Detroit is a community-based music initiative that promotes unamplified brass and drum-based street music, performance in public spaces, free access to the arts, and music education for Detroit’s youth. Crash invites the community to get out of their houses and spend a summer day together enjoying music, food and the company of their friends and neighbors.

Entering our 5th year, this entirely volunteer-run festival is supported by local businesses, arts organizations and individual donors. Performers also donate their time and talents to the festival, enabling a free experience for attendees.

Crash Detroit is committed to supporting local businesses by making them a destination for our over 1,500 annual attendees and over 100 traveling performers. We do this by having bands “crash” at specific businesses on Friday and attracting thousands of attendees to the city. Detroit becomes the main stage, showcasing its beauty alongside amazing music performances.


Youth Crash Corps

Youth Crash Corps (YCC) provides music education to young adults in Detroit who do not have the option of taking a music class at school. Led by certified instrumental music educator, Nichole Hartrick, students in YCC will have access to a band instrument free of charge and will learn how to perform and read music. Classes will culminate in performances during the Crash music festival.

In 2018 YCC partnered with Clippert Academy in Southwest Detroit. Clippert Academy is a Detroit Public School (5-8th grade) that has not offered music to students in over 15 years. The YCC students had thier public debut at Crach Detroit in 2018. We know that students who don’t have access to a quality music education are missing out on the benefits that learning to play an instrument provides. Studies have shown that students who study music perform better in their core classes and on standardized tests. Studies have shown that students who participate in an instrumental music class perform better in core subject areas and on standardized tests. Additionally, band kids have more self-confidence, a sense of community and an outlet for creativity and expression. Music education is a critical component of a well-rounded education and we are excited to provide this opportunity for students in Detroit.

In 2020 we are working with community partners to start summer Youth Crash Corps programing.

Younger children attending the festival can also get in on the action by creating their own DIY instruments and participating in kid parades through the day on Saturday.

the steps

Our entirely volunteer organizers are already at work organizing the festival, which is held on July 19, 20, and 21, 2019. We have secured dates, venues, performance acts, and have begun fundraising and collecting in-kind donations. With cash raised from this campaign will be used to reimburse the volunteers for the costs they have incurred for the necessary budget items during the planning process. We rely on donations to cover the costs of the festival.

Crash Detroit Productions is expanding its festival to include such activities as Youth Crash Corps, instrument donation collection, workshops, and music education events. All of these efforts culminate with the live performances and activities of the annual Crash Detroit festival. 

why we're doing it

Our purpose is to use street band music and culture to inspire, educate, and entertain the Detroit community.

Youth Crash Corps is a music initiative aimed at providing young people with free and alternative music experiences in public spaces. This year Youth Crash Corps will host DIY instrument parades during the main festival event on Saturday. Information will also be available for joining Youth Crash Corps, a radical brass band founded in 2018.


Disbursed Budget:

Food and water for performers and volunteers- $206.15

Artist travel reimbursement- $1,500

TOTAL RAISED = $1,795.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $53.85

Original Budget:

Venue rental- $1500

Restrooms- $500

Posters- $150

Programs- $150

Event documentation- $500

Artist travel reimbursement- $1500

Food and water for performers and volunteers- $400

Sinage- $300

DIY instrument supplies- $250

Paint and supplies for signage- $100

Subtotal = $3,000

ioby Platform Fee $35

Donation Processing Fee of 3% $90

Total to raise = $3,125


Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your donations to Crash! It really does take you support to make this festival happen.


We will be beginning planning for 2020 soon, so keep an eye out on social media throughout the winter and spring for information about next year’s Crash.


We are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in helping plan and prepare for the festival or are interested in volunteering during the festival please get in touch at



Much love,


The Crash Detroit team

What a Weekend!!!

Hello Crash Detroit supporters!


Thank you all for your help making this year’s festival a fantastic success.


We had bands from near and far play impromptu sets around Detroit, we enjoyed drum beats and brass in the shade in Clark Park, rocked the Old Miami, and capped off the weekend filling the Dequindre cut with music and smiles. It was a great weekend and you made it happen!


We still have 5 days left to reach our fundraising goal. These funds will help to reimburse the community members who volunteer to organize the festival for the costs of producing the event. Please share the campaign to your friends and family, and on social media.


We are already thinking ahead to next year and hope to see you again in July 2020!

One Week 'Till Crash!!!

Hello Crash supporters! We are one week away from Crash!!!

A week from today visiting bands will decend on Detroit, surpizing residents at local restaurants, bars, and public spaces! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for day-of updates of where to find us!

Thanks for your donations and please share our campaign!


Countdown to Crash!

Crash is just under two weeks away! Thanks to everyone who donated so far. Our volunteer coordinating team is busy collecting donations, food, tents, and coordinating volunteers (and a million other things)!

But we still need your help!

Please share our campaign on social media and tell your frends and family about it. Every donation, big or small helps!

See you soon!


The Crash Team

Almost 1/3 of the way there!

Thank you to all of our donors so far! You are making brass dreams come true!

We are almost 1/3 of our way to our goal! Please spread the word to your brass loving friends and family. Every little (and big) bit helps.

We can’t wait to see you at the festival!


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