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the project

Our society's response to the Covid-19 crisis has systematically left marginalized peoples out of their calculations, and they are dying because of it. We must have a wide-scale public health intervention to save the people that our leaders knew would not be helped by their current interventions, and unless we are willing to let inequality cause so many deaths, we must have it now.

Our purpose is simple. We must provide high risk individuals living in areas of high residential density and poverty, who do not have access to sufficient means or resources to protect themselves from infection access to safety. The quickest and most effective way to do that would be for those of us who have fled the city to open our homes to those individuals and families' in greatest need right now. We know what will happen if we wait for the government to save those who are drowning. We must take action now.

Because economic hardship is at an all time high and keeping families and communities together is so essential, we will also be hiring members of the evacuated household or community to stay with them and function as caregivers and protectors during this time. These caregivers will have the option to receive education/training to continue on with our organization working as public health educators in their own communities after the pandemic has passed. 

We will use our expertise and learning from initial run of our project to create infrastructure, a training program, and guidelines for best practices so that other nonprofits may reproduce our intervention as quickly and effectively as possible.

the steps

Organize available homes

Work with hospitals and social workers to find those families most in need

Find families and persons in need through community outreach, advertising, press, and web presence 

Rehouse at risk persons and family or community caregivers in safe housing

Hire and train family or community members as caregivers to quarantine with them until the risk has passed

Digitally connect relocated persons with their family/community and their host families to foster stronger social bonds and support during this stressful time

Encourage long-term community building efforts between host families and evacuees 

Hire persons who have previously tested positive for the novel coronavirus and recovered to make deliveries and provide support to the community 

After the crisis passes, transition caregivers into roles as community health educators

why we're doing it

To save lives before it's too late...

Because every person we save from a high risk environment may likely die if they are infected, every person we provide access to safety and support is very likely to be a life saved.

Help alleviate some of the economic distress created by this crisis, create the opportunities and skills for future employment, and reduce structural inequities.


100% of the budget will go to:

  • Securing, modifying, and outfitting donated housing for groups and individuals seeking aid
  • Training and hiring family or community members as caregivers to quarantine with high risk individuals
  • Food, PPE, and necessary supplies
  • Hiring the ranks of newly unemployed who have previously tested positive and recovered to deliver supplies
  • Outreach and Educational materials
  • Online training courses through zoom for other nonprofits

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TOTAL TO RAISE = $51,546 $54,385.87


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