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the project

Our project takes cell phones that are still working, but no longer on a provider network, and gives them to those without cell phones so they can reach 911 in an emergency. Our program takes phones out of the waste stream and gets them to people who may not be able to afford a cell phone or need one that is able to be carried. We have given cell phones to seniors, people just released from a hospital stay, volunteers in our parks and others that do not normally have access to a phone. This enables anyone to call 911 for emergency medical or police help and keeps these phones from just being thrown out.

the steps

We have already a supply of donated cell phones from individuals. The phones are checked to make sure they work, cleaned up, former info deleted (like old phone book numbers) and then they are given free of charge to anyone requesting one. We try to focus on seniors because many do not realize how important it is to have a cell phone handy to get help when needed. But anyone can get one just for the asking. The idea is to keep these phones out of the waste stream and at the same time, giving people a free way to access emergency medical or police help when needed.

why we're doing it

Millions of cell phones wind up in the waste stream each year in the United States. There are plenty of toxins and pollution that is released into the air, water and land when cell phones are just thrown away. This is a increasing problem all over our country.


Primarily we are hoping that people will donate their older, no longer being used cell phones. We are also hoping to reach those who may need a 911 only cell phone Costs include: Mailing costs to mail phones to people--around $100.00 Cleaning solution-Simply Green-- 2 bottles $8.00 Ziploc bags to put phones in once they are checked and cleaned 12.00


Thanks from the Cornucopia Society


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