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This is it! We're over the top!

the project

On Saturday, August 17, six buses of Corbin Hill Farm Shareholders, families and friends will roll out from the communities we serve -- Harlem, Washington Heights and the Bronx -- and head north to visit the upstate farms that grow the vegetables, fruit, eggs and turkeys that supply our weekly Farm Share. The goal is to not only learn about the New York State harvest calendar and our farmers' growing practices, but to build relationships between urban and rural -- and have a ton of fun!

the steps

To allow us to offer this trip free of charge to the community, we need your help! The cost in full for the day is $15,000 (see "BUDGET" tab), meaning each seat has an associated cost of $40. Help out by supporting a seat for yourself, and a seat for your neighbor! All donations are tax-deductible, and different levels of giving will win you fun, farm-y prizes:

$40 -- Corbin Hill magnet, to hold each week's Farm Share recipes! (allows one Shareholder to visit our farms)

$100 -- Your choice of an 8" x 10" print featuring a farm image created by artist and Shareholder Charles Thompson (allows 2+ Shareholders to visit)

$250 -- A selection of three jars of our farmers' jams, preserves and/or relishes (provides bus seats for a family of six)

$500 -- Gift basket full of Schoharie County's finest farm products, including dried herbs and goat soap (provides 1/3 of a bus)

$1,000 -- Your own weekend at the farm hosted by our founder, Dennis Derryck (provides for nearly a full busload of Shareholders!)

Note: Gifts at each giving level are inclusive of the levels before

why we're doing it

Many of our members are new to eating vegetables (especially fresh ones), and even newer to understanding the New York harvest calendar, and the food systems that do (or do not) bring fresh food to their plate. This farm trip is intended to help connect those dots, as well as build fellowship and community among our Shareholders and friends.


Charter buses -- $5,850

Tent, chairs & table rental -- $2,500

Vegetarian lunch -- $3,000

Farm activity supplies -- $500

Less Farm Credit East Agriculture Enhancement Grant -- ($2500)

SUBTOTAL = $9,350
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $281



This is it! We're over the top!

Farm Credit East has awarded us an Agriculture Enhancement Grant that allows us to put $2,500 toward the day. A strong supporter of our work upstate, Farm Credit East has also offered a great deal of assistance recently in our goal to expand our sourcing and packing work upstate.

Thank you!

Many thanks to all Shareholders and guests who made cash or check contributions yesterday to their buses' Love Jars, and over the past few weeks at our Farm Share sites! All in all, you gave $886 toward the cause.

More great news!

The Riverside Church has contributed a bus for the day, which allows us to lower our overall budget by $1,500. Many thanks to our Riverside Farm Share ambassadors, Debra Northern and Reyita Rodriguez, for their ongoing graciousness and support.

We lowered the budget!

We've reconfigured buses, allowing us to need one less than first estimated. The budget just dropped by $1,500!

Great news!

A Corbin Hill supporter who'd like to remain anonymous has issued us a challenge: Raise $5,000 to match the $5,000 he or she has contributed toward this year's farm trip. That means that when we get to a total of $10,000 raised, we'll get to keep the $5,000 he or she has already contributed. (If not, he or she will take the first $5,000 back! Chip in what you can today.)


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