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the project

Beginning summer of 2016, Cooper-Young residents came together to form a committee to pursue Landmarks District status for the neighborhood. The goal was to safeguard the neighborhood's historic homes and give residents a voice in shaping new developments throughout the area. Over the last year, we have worked together to draft guidelines detailing how new construction and additions to existing structures might fit with the neighborhood. We have held three community meetings -- two of which focused on asking for feedback on the proposed guidelines -- and a good faith vote open to all property owners in the proposed district. This vote not only had a higher turnout than expected, it also showed that 86% of engaged property owners are in favor of gaining Landmarks District status for Cooper-Young.

Now that the community has voted, the CY Landmarks Committee is ready to submit our application to the city. This process will include three public hearings in front of various city boards, with the final decision being made by the City Council. Before we get there, we'll need to fund three rounds of first class mailings to every property owner in the proposed district plus post at least 10 large signs before the first public hearing. We estimate that this will cost about $3000 total. With a generous match from the Cooper-Young Community Association, we'll still need to raise about $1500 to submit our application.

We know that this whole project is one giant community effort so we're asking for your help! All it will take is a few dollars each from supporters like you and we know we'll be able to make our goal. As we move forward in this process, we hope that you will stand with the CY Landmarks Committee and show our elected officials how invested we are in protecting the past and shaping the future of our great community.

the steps

Step 1: Buy needed materials including stamps, envelopes, labels, signage, and produce the final version of the guidelines created by the CY Landmarks committee and neighborhood residents.

Step 2: Submit finished application by September 29th for consideration at the October Landmarks Commission meeting.

Step 3: Present and support application at the public Landmarks Commission meeting in October. At this stage, the Commission may choose to recommend the application, request revisions and hold a vote for later, or reject the application.

Step 4: Once the Landmarks Commission has recommended the application, it will proceed to the Land Use Control Board for a similar public hearing. This board may also recommend, request revisions, or reject the application.

Step 5: If the Land Use Control Board recommends the application, it will go to the City Council to be read and voted on as a new city ordinance. It will be read before City Council three times with public comment heard at the third reading. The City Council will have the final vote either on passing or rejecting the ordinance making Cooper-Young a recognized Memphis Landmarks District.


why we're doing it

Cooper-Young is a thriving neighborhood but it is also one of the last areas of Midtown not protected through the Landmarks Commission. We have seen far too many beautiful historic buildings taken down over the last few years. Many residents came to this neighborhood to live and invest in a nationally recognized historic community; as more homes are torn down and replaced with entirely different structures, that investment is diminished and we could be in danger of losing our historic designation. Without Landmarks status, Cooper-Young is also vulnerable to outside developers, giving the community little to no voice in shaping its future. The CY Landmarks Committee has worked for over a year to protect the neighborhod and we are deeply invested in moving to the next stage of this process. We hope you will lend your dollars - and your voice - to preserving Cooper-Young for the enjoyment of all current and future generations.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 9/25/17):

RAISED = $1,580.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
Payment Processing Fee (3%) $45.00

Three rounds of stamped and addressed envelopes for public notification of 1600 households:
   Postage - $2300
   Envelopes and labels - $460

At least ten 3' x 4' signs for public display: $240

(Half of these costs will be covered by the Cooper-Young Community Association)



Three rounds of stamped and addressed envelopes for public notification of 1600 households:
   Postage - $2300
   Envelopes and labels - $460

At least ten 3' x 4' signs for public display: $240

(Half of these costs will be covered by the Cooper-Young Community Association)

SUBTOTAL = $1,500
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $45



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