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Melanie H
Mermaid Avenue between Stillwell Avenue and West 37th Street
(Coney Island, Brooklyn)
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the project

Coney Island’s commercial corridors have not evolved or changed much over the past few decades. Mermaid Avenue, Coney Island’s 17 block long primary commercial corridor, sits two blocks North of the Amusement District, and consists of 120, primarily immigrant owned businesses run by extended family members. Through a collaborative effort with artist talent from Coney Island residents, the Alliance would like to see the creation of storefront gate murals that recognize the distinctiveness of the Mermaid Avenue commercial corridor and the iconic Amusement District, without losing sight of their respective relationship to the greater Coney Island community. 

the steps

  • August 5th-30th, 2019
    • Alliance for Coney Island staff to canvas Mermaid and Surf Avenue businesses:
      • Determine appropriateness of gate(s)
      • Extend of prep work needed for gate(s)
      • Selection of 15 potential businesses for murals
      • One on one discussion with merchants to explain project and gauge interest
  • September 4th
    • Provide Project Coordinator (lead artist) with findings
  • September 9th-20th
    • Call to Action for community artists to submit sample of work including senior citizen centers and local schools
  • September 23rd – 27th
    • Review of submissions and selection of 10-12 artists
  • September 30th- October 4th
    • Discussion between merchant(s) and artist(s) regarding ideas on the message of the mural
  • October 6th – 10th
    • Submission of mural sketch by artist
  • October 11th
    • Project coordinator and Alliance staff to review mural sketch with merchant and artist
  • October 14th -25th
    • Gates to be prepped and murals to be created
  • October 29th
    • Official community event unveiling the murals through a Commercial Corridor Art Walk culminating in a photo exhibit of each mural displayed at the local library with refreshments




why we're doing it

The challenges facing Coney Island's commercial corridors are deeply rooted in the separation of the internationally known summer destination of the Amusement District and Riegelmann Boardwalk that sees more than 5 million visitors annually, and the greater Coney Island community. The 50,000-year-round residents and struggling mom and pop businesses do not believe that they reap the economic benefits of the visitorship.  Historically, these businesses have faced significant economic challenges.

The next phase of the Alliance's strategic plan is to continue to improve and cultivate relationships with community stakeholders, while simultaneously developing a branding campaign that will engage merchants, consumers and local artists in promoting and sustaining existing businesses.  Included in the first steps is creating murals that clearly depict the many faces of Coney Island. The artist the Alliance has in mind to coordinate this project, has utilized their creativity and expertise in not only creating murals in Coney Island, but working with other communities in achieving a similar goal.  Although not an easy task, it is quite simple: improve one’s surroundings and the community stakeholders will take pride in those very surroundings.  Once Mermaid and Surf Avenues as well as the small businesses on the Reigelmann Boardwalk improve their visual character, the economic potential of Coney Island will be within reach, leading to the launching of an effective collaborative marketing campaign to both retain the long-term businesses and attract new businesses along the neglected commercial spine of Coney Island.

In due course, the creative storefront gate murals will complement the limited public art currently in place, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the corridors and thereby the first step in establishing a walkable linkage between the businesses and visitors to the Amusement District, ultimately increasing the visibility of Coney Island’s deep-rooted mom and pop businesses.


15 cans of spray paint per storefront gate @ $5 per can = $75. per gate

$25. of essential supplies (drop cloths, painters tape, scrappers, gloves) per gate

$125. prep work for gates (daily rate)

$300. artist rate for artwork creation in consultation with merchant and installation


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $310
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,345



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