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Lucia H
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The Bronx (Hunts Point)
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the project

The environmental problem the project will address is how human waste (poop) contaminants that would go into our water can be properly handled by composting.

the steps

Steps to install the pieces of the Phoenix Composting Toilet would be in four segments. 1. Phoenix top. 2. Phoenix bottom. 3. Housing-wood. 4. Shipping. Volunteers that work on the project would be clearing an area in the garden for the housing of the compost toilet. Then, the outhouse would have to be assembled.

why we're doing it

Human waste (poop) would not go into the water stream and would be converted to compost to nourish the garden's trees and shrubs (but not the vegetables). In addition, the compost toilet would provide a public toilet for the garden members, students from nearby schools an the visiting public to the garden.


R200 Top, advance composting systems LLC, $2,550.00,
R200 Bottom, advance composting systems LLC, $2,550.00,
NOTES: Fundraising for top only. ioby fee = $200.
TOTAL: $2,750


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